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Nokia 7710 camera phone review

(viewed 4543 times)
as we sit and drink our starbucks, hiding from the rain.For me, this camera takes better pictures than some digital cameras I've
used. No wonder Nokia sold 4 times more phone-cam enabled handsets than
digi cams were sold last year.
19th Apr 2005, 20:36   comments (16)

pallete o hues

(viewed 3791 times)
yes, holding the 7710 to your ear is like hefting a chunk of Edam up to
your head, but it takes some marvelous pictures. Im also just about to
go and find loads of flash games and load them into the phone so I have
massive gameage :D
19th Apr 2005, 20:33   comments (0)

Light and detail, flying V!

17th Apr 2005, 11:47   comments (3)

Morning Smoothie detail

(viewed 2798 times)
16th Apr 2005, 09:57   comments (0)

Scott and Tolli, low light bar test

(viewed 2986 times)
and as you can see, great results in low (ish) light.
14th Apr 2005, 21:21   comments (0)

The ubiquitous and all important pie test

(viewed 3116 times)
As you can see, the pie has retained its' lush and flakey profile, it's
beckoning and alluring quality is not diminished through capture. Like a
South American tribal pie captured by camera, it's soul is laid bare
before us.
14th Apr 2005, 20:11   comments (3)

Image, audio and video

(viewed 3502 times)
The BBC are using 3G to ask their viewers to send in opinions in video
format. The BBC has a Technology division, owned by Siemens, they have partnered with MXtelecom and their innovative shortcode video system to do this I believe.

The BBC's first use of this technology was last weekend when they broadcast the Grand National, to around 5000 concurrent users.

From an imaging perspective, check it out, no CRT flicker!
14th Apr 2005, 08:11   comments (0)

Close-up texture test

(viewed 3123 times)
Y'see, a macro feature here would have made this camera totally rule, as it stands, close-up textures and detail are a bit muddied.
8th Apr 2005, 13:11   comments (1)
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