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Detail and flicker test

(viewed 1878 times)
For some reason, loads of us like taking pictures of our TV's on MBUK, are we just sad? You decide. At any rate, as you can see here, the 7710 does an incredibly job (imo) of capturing detail on a tv screen, whilst cutting out the flicker lines.
8th Apr 2005, 13:11   comments (8)

Zoom detail test

(viewed 1393 times)
This is good - the detail on the LA fitness sign on the zoomed image is as you can see, pretty darn good. The image interpolation reminds me of the Nokia 7610, but more warm. The only failing with this I think is that there is only one zoom level. Another thing to be aware of is that the zoom is not just centring in on a portion of the image and cropping down, it is creating an image of the same dimensions as the original, so a step closer to actual zoom.
8th Apr 2005, 13:09   comments (0)

close up-focus?

(viewed 1318 times)
oooh, you can see right up my nose!

The focus at very close range is good, however, not macro.
8th Apr 2005, 13:06   comments (0)

Taken in near complete darkness

(viewed 1307 times)
This shot was taken while nestled in my bed, with a sidelight
turned against the wall so that the room was in near total darkness.
As I watched the screen adjust, it got an attenuated green tinge, until if
focussed and found my dangling sailboats. Took about 3 seconds. The
actual file size is close on a half a megabyte, so it's working pretty
hard. I'm pleased that it's clever enough to work out light and
contrast by itself, theres nothing more annoying than having to always
reset a phone for light conditions.
8th Apr 2005, 08:11   comments (9)

8 feet away

(viewed 1205 times)
and the resolution and sharpness are excellent. Relatively low light too. You seem to need to balance the phone pretty steady in low light though, it judders trying to pick up an image, but wow, this came out great. (good nokia)
7th Apr 2005, 21:35   comments (2)

3 photo sizes

(viewed 1472 times)
Our wonderful Dib (site mascot?) is shown here in a fetching outfit,
complete with crazy headset gear, in the three image sizes the 7710
does, high, basic and medium (displayed in that order).
7th Apr 2005, 18:56   comments (6)

an initial look at the 7710

Putting the 7710 together for the first time is most like putting together a gaming device, and with about as much excitement as you have when you get your GP32 or gameboy and feel it's goodness in your hand.(good nokia)

Then you try and figure out where to stick the sim card. With the little
pointy arrow confusing you (it's for the included 128mb memory card) and the belief that theres no way you're meant to squeeze it into the
unmarked space at the opposite end, you revert to the manual.. Which of course tells you to push it into this tiny grating unmarked space. (bad nokia)

The unit comes with a USB data cable (good nokia) some very swanky earphones with this sort of metallic material for the leads, 128mb mm card, the charger and all the installation bits.

using it is so similiar to using a palm its almost odd realising this is
a model from the latest iteration of the symbian OS, Symbian 90. The handwriting recognition is ace, I mean, for someone who has used palms for a long time perhaps it's more intuitive, but if theyre trying to steal me away from a PDA market they're doing a pretty good job.(good nokia)

I'm excited to start using it, it comes pre-installed with all manner of
Apps, not least amongst and surprisingly, a free version of Typepad. wahey! go nokia)
7th Apr 2005, 18:35   comments (2)
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