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Join us in the countdown to Christmas. Sorry no chocolate!
But we can give you a new post each day, from 25 different 'mobloggers', who will give us their perspective on the season.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a splendid New Year.

May 2015 be a good year for our small community and the wider world!

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2nd December: Santa's Solace

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I was looking through my old photos and found this ghost of Christmas past. If you've ever wondered what Lapland actually looks like, now you know! I shot this in the arctic circle, many moons ago in 2005.

That is my little joke because the moon is what you see the most of there. It is so far north that there is only about 4 hours of daylight in the winter. Lapland is cloaked in a kind of permanent twilight.

Which, to me, makes Santa easier to relate to as an adult. He's probably a night owl - like a lot of us. Slaving away on that naughty or nice spreadsheet until the crack o' dawn.

But I secretly hope he's a lost yeti or a sort of reverse lycanthrope - a lone wolf by day who transforms into Santa at night.

That would be cool. And would explain why no one has found him yet.

Posted by jc1000000

2nd Dec 2014, 07:09   | tags:comments (15)

1st December: It's dark at breakfast, dark at tea...

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The Advent wind begins to stir
With sea-like sounds in our Scotch fir,
It's dark at breakfast, dark at tea,
And in between we only see
Clouds hurrying across the sky
And rain-wet roads the wind blows dry
And branches bending to the gale
Against great skies all silver pale
The world seems travelling into space,
And travelling at a faster pace
Than in the leisured summer weather
When we and it sit out together,
For now we feel the world spin round
On some momentous journey bound -
Journey to what? to whom? to where?
The Advent bells call out 'Prepare,
Your world is journeying to the birth
Of God made Man for us on earth.'

Excerpt from Advent 1955 by John Betjeman

Wishing you and those you love light and joy in the run up to Christmas 2014 xxx

Posted by Twiglet

1st Dec 2014, 01:59   comments (17)

it's time to volunteer...

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Please see moblog news

Posted by Viv

18th Nov 2014, 13:35   comments (0)

The Stars Shine Brightest For You

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Greetings from Sri Lanka. Whichever star you followed to get wherever you are now, today is the day to orbit the people you love!

Have a Merry Christmas and wishing you a sparkling 2014!

Posted by jc1000000

25th Dec 2013, 05:00   comments (13)

Christmas Eve

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Listen, Santa's Coming.

A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Posted by

24th Dec 2013, 08:22   comments (7)

Day 23 :

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This Christmas has come round far too quickly and of course its been another busy and eventful year.

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful Christmas as always with thoughts for those who wont be celebrating or are unable to share in the festivities.

Posted by Strange little girl

23rd Dec 2013, 11:44   comments (8)

Day 22: Baubles

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Christmas comes in all shapes, sizes and degrees of twinkliness.
Whether you're planning a full-on glitter-fest or a more subdued matt occasion, I wish all of the moblog community a festive season full of love.

Posted by EJ

22nd Dec 2013, 08:29   comments (13)

Berry Christmas And A Happy New Tear

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Posted by mysteritmo

21st Dec 2013, 00:08   comments (10)