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Visit my LJ, if you really want to, right here.

No, really. Go visit it!

Still haven't got a futurephone, but I NOW HAVE A WEBCAM AHAHAHAHAAA. Aren't you folks lucky?

Here's where there will be pictures of me and my friends and my little world.

We all float down here.

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There's some seriously weird shit on my desk, and I don't know why.
20th Jul 2004, 04:07   comments (0)


(viewed 930 times)
I absolutely ADORE this stuff. It really does taste the best. There's probably crack in it.
20th Jul 2004, 04:06   comments (7)


(viewed 874 times)
I have half a face, and 3 fingers.

Something's freaky.
17th Jul 2004, 08:58   comments (4)

Watching you!

(viewed 895 times)
My right eye. For no good reason other than it's nigh FOUR AM. And I really should be in bed.

Trying to post a damn .avi

17th Jul 2004, 08:55   comments (2)

A kiss for Moblog!

(viewed 1022 times)

I have a webcam. It's wee. And blue. AND I LOVE IT.
17th Jul 2004, 08:52   comments (8)


(viewed 2022 times)
Argh. I can't pick. The first one's how my hair looks, currently, shades of blonde with faint faaaaaaaaaaint undertones of red. Hadn't realized how much red left when I highlighted the fuck out of it.

And the next is me at 19, utterly impressed with my own cleavage, because of a corset. Pffft.

I'm thinking of going back to the red, but I'm utterly indecisive. Any suggestions?
23rd May 2004, 20:46   comments (41)

So drunk

(viewed 1592 times)
Did you say drink? What was that about getting another drink? Hmm? For me?

...Holly had the camera for this one. I'm not entirely sure if the focus was my keys, my hips, my hands, my crotch or the bottle of Smirnoff. Yes, I drink Smirnoff. Bite me.

So. Fucking. Drunk. I took my hair down out of its wee tail and it has exploded from my head. I'm also wearing the biggest, stupidest grin known to man. Why yeth, othiffer, it ITH my birfday. Cuff me?
23rd May 2004, 19:04   comments (4)

God we're such retards

(viewed 2222 times)
Holly, Cat, Amy, Me, Tera, John. We're drunk and stupid, yes we are!

Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil.

Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil... Do no Evil. Yep, we're still dorks.

23rd May 2004, 19:00   comments (4)