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Still haven't got a futurephone, but I NOW HAVE A WEBCAM AHAHAHAHAAA. Aren't you folks lucky?

Here's where there will be pictures of me and my friends and my little world.

We all float down here.

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Yet more karaoke

Hey, I didn't know we were goin't'CLEVELAND? I can't help taking pictures like this. The opportunity comes, and who am I to resist?

Two closeups of Holly. She's such a doll. I love her chest. Er... her smile. I mean her smile.

Speaking of chests. Looks like Holly found Tera's. I don't know if Tera lost hers, but, well. Holly found it.


We so cute.

3...2...1.... DRUNK.

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Here's a girl from the smoke shop, The Daily Grind -- I never did get her name. She recently had her lip pierced; I think it's cute.

And here's the 80's night/Karaoke DJ. Dear God, she's hysterical. And drunk. And a good singer. And a dork.

One of the 80's night patrons. She really got into the spirit of it. Sang some Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar.

This is the old DJ. He fell and broke a hip awhile back, so the girl in the earlier picture took over. I'll be damned if I can figure out just what the hell is going on with his outfit, and why.
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More Karaoke

Amy and I are about to sing together. With Cat and Tera, who are not in the pic. I am a mic-hog, yes I am.

John is singing "Blaze of Glory". It was 80's night at Penny's -- not that any of us knew this beforehand.

Cat can sing. Ohgodcanshesing. Rowr.

Cat and Tera are singing, but I'll be damned if I know what they're looking at -- the screen is waaaaaaay higher than that.

Yes, folks, I am about to deepthroat this entire mic. Thank you, I'll be here all week; remember to tip your bartender.
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This is Dave-not-Mike. He's Tera's husband, and a raving weirdo. But we love him, anyway.

Say hello to John, who is not impressed.

Tera is obviously confused, but this doesn't bother Amy, who is enjoying her beer. The Duke looks on, in the background.

I'm not sure if Tera's grinning at the top of Amy's head in this one, but it's amusing, nonetheless. What makes it perfect is John's backhanded bitchslap of John Wayne, in the background. Take THAT!

This is Cat, headbanging.

And this is Cat, .034 seconds away from killing me for taking so many pictures.

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Ed! I went to community college with Ed -- we had calculus, java and assembly together. I love Ed. Ed now goes to community college with Holly. She's had calculus, java and assembly with him, too. He dropped in, while we were having drinks and brie at Simeon's.

This is a muffler. It's not mine.

A sign of the apocalypse. Run!

I thought this bike was niftylooking, outside the diner where we tried to get sober.

Here's the concert we went to. Sons of Pitches -- David Byrne was playing the next night, but we already had plans.

I used to live here, a long, long time ago. It's in the middle of Crack Central. People sold rock on that doorstep, and I'd have to ask them to move in the morning so I could catch my bus to work.

This and the last 2 are pictures of random nuts on The Commons who said "Take my picture!" when they saw me snapping shots of Holly. So? I obliged. Forever immortalized. Or at least as long as my moblog site lasts.
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Here's my best friend, Holly, reading the menu at Simeon's. Isn't she adorable? I love her to death.

Annnnd here's her, with something called Smoke on the Water. It's a signature martini -- something raspberry. On the rocks, hence the glass.

Here we are, tipsy and silly.

And here we have Holly, playing with her own cherry...

I think the drunk caught up with her.

Another playground shot. I can't tell if she's serene, or about to try and beat me to death with the camera. Either way, I got a great shot. Hey! I didn't know we were going to Cleveland!

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There's a children's playground in the midst of The Commons, in Ithaca, and after a few rounds of drinks at various establishments, we apparently decided it was a good idea to go play on it, in the dark. I've brightened the photo so you can see me--we really were in the very very dark.

Next up, photos of Holly, my best friend, photomania of the evening, and then I'll move on to the next night.

Karaoke. You may begin to fear... NOW.
23rd May 2004, 01:07   comments (2)

She's got legs...

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So, shortly after martinis, we became obsessed with our legs, in our boots, apparently. There's another shot like that around here somewhere, from a different perspective. More to come, as I decipher which is from what batch.

And, y'know. Once I can send a pic after ONE try. Doh!
23rd May 2004, 00:03   comments (2)