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Dogs 2

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More dogs from work.
13th Dec 2010, 21:32   | tags:,,comments (0)


Not my dogs, some of the dogs at work...
11th Dec 2010, 19:05   comments (2)

Looking out my window.

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I am sad for my long hiatus. (I lost a great many of the pictures I was going to post here to a malfunction in the DVD we were using to store them, a malfunction I not very amusingly discovered while I was trying to make a backup disc, but we will be taking the DVD to hopefully get it recovered.) The good news is, I will be leaving my soul-draining part-time job soon and will be able to begin taking pictures regularly again. The even better news is, I have begun taking pictures at my other, wonderful part-time job. I hope to have some of those up soon.

Jacob's birthday invitations. YAY

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My mommy and I made these last night. Pretty awesome...
11th Sep 2010, 01:37   | tags:,,,comments (1)

Musée Mécanique

Some pictures from San Francisco's absurdly creepy and super-cool Musee Mecanique. Keleki and I took a million pictures, but these are the ones I think captured the sheer Uncanny Valley CREEPINESS of the place. I also have some videos I'm looking to put together, so if anyone knows of any good free or inexpensive video editing software usable by beginners, let me know.

San Francisco Candy Store

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Some candy. My grandparents used to bring home Flicks for my mom and her siblings when they went to the movies on dates without them.

Visiting Keleki

I visited my best friend from Michigan while I was in San Francisco :) this is some stuff from when that was

Some San Francisco

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Stuff I saw in San Francisco :) The armwrestling picture is my friend Keleki, all the other people are strangers