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Some beach

Here are some pictures from on the beach during my vacation! I am now working two jobs, one of which is basically only pretending not to be full-time and which is also draining my soul.

Flyin' - Picnic, July 29

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The only kid who turns out not to actually be a family member of someone at the picnic, and my favorite picture is of her. Oh well. :)

Some Canoeists - Photowalk, July 29

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I took this picture yesterday, then waved at the canoeists. They asked if they could get a copy, I asked for their email, they seem not to have heard me, and that interaction was over. I'd like to get them the copy though :(

Thistle - Photowalk, July 28

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Kitty Friend - Photowalks, July 27 & 28

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Near the park, I saw a beautiful white cat running down the street and tried calling it, and as I was just giving up and feeling forlorn, this very sweet kitty came running out of the bushes to me. He wanted to play, but I didn't understand the game, and eventually he got bored and went away. THEN! Today, I was in the park, all absorbed in trying to take a picture of these weird, weird bees, and all of a sudden I glanced behind me and saw the same kitty! He was just standing there watching me. And I petted him, and he scampered off. Guess he just wanted to say hi :)
29th Jul 2010, 05:15   | tags:,,,comments (2)


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This made me feel sad when I saw it.
29th Jul 2010, 00:24   | tags:,,comments (1)

Monsters - Photowalk, July 27

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Shudder. The huge beetle is the one that scared me... I'm still getting occasional shudders just thinking about it. Ugh.

Evening - Photowalk, July 27

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Some more stuff from today.
28th Jul 2010, 04:29   | tags:,,comments (2)