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She's the happiest baby of all.
28th Jul 2010, 04:17   | tags:,,comments (0)

Flowers in the rain - July 27 Photowalk

I got covered in mosquito bites to take these :) but I think it was worth it.
28th Jul 2010, 00:54   | tags:,,,comments (1)

Assortment - Photowalk, June 23

Some festival stuff. Miscellaneous kitsch, chains, strange children, accidental reflections... fun for the whole family! :)

Weeds, Photowalk, July 23

Some little stuff. I tried to take pictures of the street festival but they were all pretty bad.

County Fair, Other Sightings

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Marigolds and wheats

County Fair

To see all the animals :)

Fireworks are hard.

I got a few I liked, but I'm kind of failing at getting those really impressive Fireworks Pictures I always see in magazines and such. What am I doing ... wrong, I guess? I know a tripod would help, and my best ones have been the ones I took while holding my camera with both hands and leaning against things.

Update: These lovelies apparently lit someone's garage on fire right near my house. When the police came and parked outside my window with lights flashing, I was worried it WAS my house! But they arrived pretty fast, so hopefully it's out now.

Lake Weekend Part 2

My brother, mostly.