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The Services Rendered Club

Sounds kinda interesting. Im not sure what the services are. Suggestions please...
13th Dec 2004, 10:49   comments (0)

Parked cars will be napalmed

I was gonna park up here but decided against it...
13th Dec 2004, 10:36   comments (0)


Mushrooms! Mushrooms! Get ya Christmas mushrooms here...
13th Dec 2004, 10:27   comments (0)

Mike looking furtive

..sorry that should read festive.

Beer Christmas lights and pasties. A good evening all round.
8th Dec 2004, 08:19   comments (0)

Itll be a christmas to remember

The joy and happiness brought to everyone by obscenely tacky plastic Christmas decorations.
7th Dec 2004, 10:55   comments (1)

London Night Time

7th Dec 2004, 09:34   comments (0)

Its all toilet..

4th Dec 2004, 21:04   comments (0)

More fun than porn

You've all seen them but Ive got one. Hot in from the good ol' US of A this little widget is a real anti-media WMD! Its a TV B-Gone [] and it works like a charm. Its sends out a stream of infrared signals for most manufacturers of TV. The great thing is that the only command it sends out is 'OFF'. It only arrived this week but already Ive had much fun in sports bar and station concourse around London. Ha ha.
2nd Dec 2004, 09:18   comments (11)