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Cops: Lost em

13th Nov 2004, 11:48   comments (0)

Graf by Roughe

Friday night social at the preview of this sprayed space by Roughe and some others..
1st Nov 2004, 19:19   comments (5)

Sneaker central

1st Nov 2004, 19:18   comments (0)

Hey dummy

1st Nov 2004, 19:17   comments (1)

Girls shakin their thing

shakey shakey shakey
1st Nov 2004, 19:15   comments (0)

the wheels on the bus

28th Oct 2004, 18:55   comments (1)

New pants

Thats it baby stick it out.
28th Oct 2004, 08:39   comments (2)

Weird jelly fruit sweet

It kinda felt like eating a marshmellow soap bar.. I didnt know whether it was chewing gum or a sweet or what. Eventually I just swallowed it.
25th Oct 2004, 15:04   comments (0)