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Lemons on sale again

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Took this at the weekend at a friends wedding

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Its like Gods double ended lightsabre :)
17th Jan 2005, 12:40   comments (3)

Don't think I'll be taking a swig of this

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Is on my boss's desk. Smells of paint stripper.
17th Jan 2005, 12:34   comments (6)


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This little guy walked like a cross between an Indian Runner and a
Penguin but had markings similar to a Mallard.
He was very curious about most things.
I wanted to take him home.
17th Jan 2005, 00:15   comments (1)

How am I supposed to work with this?

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Look closely. Particularly at the punctuation.
I sometimes work for a famous Danish toy manufacturer.
The Macs in the office are Danish, ergo so are the keyboards.
You wont believe how difficult it is typing on messageboards and forums
when the punctuation is randomly strewn across the keyboard.
9th Jan 2005, 01:49   comments (3)

Kitty cats

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Although they dont look it they are both sisters from the same litter.
The hairy one is Dave (or Wavy D as we call her) and the dark one is
Max, a very delicate princess.
9th Jan 2005, 01:44   comments (1)

Childish sniggers

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mmm chocolate...
9th Jan 2005, 01:39   comments (4)
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