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My parents were lovely enough to get me a Kodak CX7530 as an early 21st birthday present ready for me to take to Canada. Bye bye Enigma 1.3MP camera, hello 5MP loveliness and a moblog to baptise it with.

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Yo ho ho.

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I love the little palm tree on the front trying to make it look less cheap than it is.

Oh palm tree, how you do amuse me.
25th Aug 2005, 15:28   comments (2)

A more modern baby picture.

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Lara "sleeping". Meaning, she was lying in bed and I said "close your
eyes and make it look like you're sleeping." No-one will ever know our
25th Aug 2005, 13:21   comments (1)

Baby pictures.

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My family keep EXTENSIVE photo albums. My own life is fully documented in photographic form from well before my birth right up to my teenage years.

I had a look through them today and took some pictures of some pictures converted to digital pictures.

The top picture is on my second birthday. I know what you're thinking: "why the Christmas tree?" Well, my birthday is the 13th of December, and my family's tradition was to put our tree up on my birthday. Look at the tracksuit! Yikes!

The second picture is myself at the same age posing beside my six month old sister Rosie. She didn't seem very impressed with the bouncer.

And the third picture is self-explanatory. That was in 1994. I can tell you know, Rosie and I were nowhere near that friendly when we were awake!

24th Aug 2005, 21:44   comments (11)

Lots of batteries!

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All ready for my digital camera to chew on when I go to Canada. I fly
out on Friday, so keep checking my blog...there will be LOTS of
airport and aeroplane-related pictures coming, then Canada-related
pictures after that. Maybe some videos too. And you'll get to see Jon!
24th Aug 2005, 14:26   comments (0)

Oddly appropriate winamp patterns number three.

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File playing: Bak Et Halleluja from Ompa Til du Dor (Kaizer's Orchestra).

If you recognised any of the three songs I've put here, then count yourself strange.

If you recognise all three, count yourself eclectically strange.
21st Aug 2005, 23:55   comments (3)

Oddly appropriate winamp patterns number two.

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File playing: Barcarole, from The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony (Dave Greenslade).
21st Aug 2005, 23:53   comments (2)

Oddly appropriate winamp patterns number one.

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File playing: You Can't Stop the Beat, from the musical Hairspray.
21st Aug 2005, 23:51   comments (0)

Lovely day.

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Mister blue sky is living here today hey, hey!
21st Aug 2005, 13:17   comments (0)