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Filming in the studio (Tuesday 22nd)

On Tuesday we were at the studio for 7:30, where a full english breakfast was served. I helped out the 'Grip' guy- John, and the 'Focus puller'- Sandra. I was also given the job of the 'Clapper loader' which was a lot more complicated than I first thought.
It was a very busy and hot day in the studio but I loved learning
everyone's different jobs and meeting new people.
It was a very long day- 13hours, though the time seemed to pass quickly.
23rd Jul 2014, 21:56   comments (0)

First day of filming (Monday 21st)

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On Monday we had an early 6am start to head out to
Lake windermere to film the closing scenes of the Magna Carta video. The reason we went to Lake Windermere was because we needed the perfect scenery (reeds and a lake that's not spoilt by anything modern- e.g. a house, a car or telephone pole.
Luckily we had the perfect weather to shoot both above and under water.
The pictures show the actress we filmed in her costume and the scenery/view of the lake.
23rd Jul 2014, 21:37   comments (1)

Caribbean Festival (Sunday 20th)

Today we went to Manchester's Caribbean Carnival/festival and we had Jerk Chicken, Sweet fried Plantains and curry goat and rice.
Photographers must be confident to go up to random people and ask for their photo, so I was made to go up and ask to take strangers pictures with Jon, luckily everyone was nice and agreed. We chose to take pictures of people with interesting/different hair.
20th Jul 2014, 19:42   comments (1)

Equipment (Friday 18th)

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This is half the equipment needed for the hand held shoot on Monday. On Monday we will be shooting the closing scene of the Magna Carta video at Lake Windermere.
19th Jul 2014, 10:42   comments (0)

(Wednesday 16th)

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Today we went to the edits building and sound recorded the noise of clashing metal, which will be used for the sound of armour in a video about King Richard III.
Afterwards I also went to see Helen (the Business manager and Bid Manager) and I found what she does to be really interesting and am considering wanting to do her job when I get older. I have included a picture of where we recorded the sounds and a picture of Helen's desk.
16th Jul 2014, 15:14   comments (0)

My task (Tuesday 15th)

I was set the task to collect photo's of what Eastgate (where Centre Screen is) looked like when it first opened. I then had to go out and retake the photos of the same spots as before. I was given this task so that everyone would be able to see the transformation and how Eastagate has really changed/ not changed over the years.
16th Jul 2014, 09:25   comments (0)

Panavision (Monday 14th)

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We went to Panavision today to try and figure out the best camera and lenses to use for the Magna Carta shoot.
Panavision is basically a company which specialises in making different cameras, lenses and camera equipment that can be hired out for things such as films and adverts.
We were looking to find the best Anamorphic lens to use. An anamorphic lens is when the image is stretched to fill the maximum space so that it will be better quality when projected onto a widescreen.
14th Jul 2014, 18:07   comments (0)

(Saturday 12th)

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We had a bit of the change in the weather in the evening, so I was sent out onto the deck in the rain with the task of taking some good photos.
14th Jul 2014, 17:59   comments (0)
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