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How to fix Kess V2.47 wake up error?

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The possible reasons for Kess V2.47 wake up error:  1. the car model is not supposed to be supported; 2. For some operation system, it requires patch, if you directly use Ksuite 2.47 you will get wake up error. 3. TF card is not in good contact with the computer.
How to solve? Reason 1: the car model is not supposed to be supported Solution: Try another version. Free download: Ksuite 2.37!wHhXUT6L!Mr1AFoJEzij-OJW8ubrBVWkp6tQgfrsFGkY3L_pZip4 Ksuite 2.33:!UTJTRAAb!tbyaYhucGYrySsKQghXcjHYu-qcw0qbr15D36uCS3bo
Reason 2: The user didn’t install patch for some operation system. Solution: follow this video to install KESS V2 Ksuite 2 47 on win7.
Ksuite 2 47 Installation in words and images: Works on XP, WIN7, WIN8, etc.
Reason 3: TF card is not in good contact with the computer. Solution: try a new one TF card or a another computer.

22nd Jan 2019, 03:36   comments (0)

JMD Handy Baby II Key Programmer

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Handy Baby 2 Functions List:
1.RD & CP: Identification chip /Edit Chip data / Deco chip / Copy chip
2.Chip-fun: Generate chip/Chip simulate/Chip transfer
3.Det-manu: Frequency test/ Data test/ signal detect
4.Remote: Remote renew/FIX CODE clone/Fixed code/JMD remote renew (JMD remote by JMD APP)
5.card-cp: Copy ID/IC card
6.Assistant: Copy Audi/VW 4th / Audi 5th/Audi ID8E/Assistant online(All key lost)/Assistant information
7.More-fun: Functional introduction/Simulate as transponder/ECO Mode
8.96bits-dec: Deco 96bits 48 and copy
9.Setup: Bluetooth/Voice/Volume/Brightness ersion/Function list/APP QR code
Handy Bay: Living for the locksmith, Saving for the locksmith
15th Jan 2019, 07:53   comments (0)

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