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For the next 12 months I'm having a working adventure holiday in Broome, Western Australia...

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Shoe in the pindan

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I was 50km up a pindan track between Derby and Fitzroy Cosiing taking photos of a water pump for a community when right at my foot I saw this...

I wondered what the story might be...

Brolgas dancing

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OMG- in the wild- the real thing. We had to pull off to get this and the brolgas took off as fast as they could so it sin't the best photo unfortunately.
9th Oct 2010, 12:59   | tags:,comments (4)

Just dropping in...

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This is what you do when you just want to drop in at Willare Roadhouse for a pie and coke after a bit of cattle mustering by helicopter

Fitzroy Crossing area

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I've been everywhere man....
Sorry Mother I know I have deprived you of a weeks' worth of worrying but it's done now and all is well- even had my first lessons in driving a 4WD up a dirt track! WooHoo!

Four days in the Fitzroy Crossing area

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This week I've been given the grand tour of the Fitzroy Crossing area and outlying Aboriginal communities that are part of the work I am doing for the next year. It s been a hot and dusty trip (averaging 38 to 43C)in the Pajero 4WD, but very worthwhile. Saw much, learnt even more. All of the communities were only accessible by 4WD and on the Friday, rain chased us all the way back to Broome. The Wet isn't far away now and the roads will be impassible- the communites get flooded in for 2-3 months. Logistically it's a huge challenge... how do you get repair crews out to isolated communities?????

Curtin Detention Centre staff housing!

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There's no hiding that Curtin Detention Centre is being prepared for some extra detainees.... This is the staff housing (dongas) that suddenly appeared this week out at Willare Roadhouse! Word is no expense was spared to get this happening mighty quick! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Cable Beach WA

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Met up with a Uni friend for fish 'n chips on Cable Beach at sunset tonight. What a great way to end the day...

My trip to work

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In Sydney I travelled 1 1/2 hours each way to work on dirty wet/hot horrible trains and then hiked another 10 minutes to the building where I sat in misery being bullied by aweful people.

In Broome I drive 5 minutes to work past this beautiful view of mangroves and jade green sea. It would take a miracle to get me back to Sydney now.
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