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Changing format for a while. I'll be doing photo assignments from various places.

C is for Camera. And Caine. The idea, every day go shoot the day's letter of the alphabet. When I get to the end, I start all over again.

I'm already wondering how I'm going to carry this off in winter.

My non-alphabetical blog, A trick of the light

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Illustrate Anger

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The assignment: Illustrate Anger [You cannot use a face, human or otherwise, to express the emotion. You cannot use people, parts of people or human forms/shapes. You must rely on other elements, (lighting, focus, props, etc.), either candid or staged, to express the emotion of anger.]

Assignment from PhotoSig.

Square Peg in a Round Hole

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The assignment: Square Peg in Round Hole. Except this assignment has a twist. Your image has to include an oddity in it - something that does not fit, hence the title square peg in a round hole. An example might be three people sitting around a campsite roasting marshmallows over a block of blue glowing ice. Be creative, and put something in your image that makes people do a double and triple take scratching their heads, That's not right!

This was a lot of fun. Assignment from PhotoSig.


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This assignment was from multiple places. A popular one, and fun to do.

Chaos & Disorder

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Per the sidebar, I'm changing format for a while. Doing photo assignments from various places instead.

First up, Chaos and Disorder (from PhotoSig). This gave me the happy opportunity to shoot the tumbledown across from the school again.


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16th Oct 2009, 22:14   comments (1)


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Zaffer (blue pigment). From a piece I'm working on, then run through Flaming Pear filters Flexify and Flood.
15th Oct 2009, 06:31   comments (6)


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Yale glass syringe.
15th Oct 2009, 06:02   comments (0)


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15th Oct 2009, 05:25   comments (0)