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I am a food blogger

I love food, and who doesn't? In me is a marriage of all things colorful and as much as I want to maintain my weight it's pretty normal for me to indulge. And these past few weeks I happen to see the art and creativity of my Aunt who shared her knowledge of baking scrumptious cupcakes and cakes. She bakes I eat :)
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Pico De Loro Backpackers

Waking up at 2 in the morning was worth seeing these scenery especially sitting beside you in the jeepney for the whole ride and back.

How to get there?
First gather your friends and assemble at a safe place (we met at Cubao KFC near SM Cubao), of course wake up very early (I did with my one eye awake, at 2am November 17, 2012) For a day hike it is advisable to start the travel time before dawn where the roads are still traffic free and the cold morning air will help to strengthen you before the actual climb. Bring water and trail food for your consumption, and it's always best to bring a few stash more to share with your hungry friends :). I personally advise for a girl like me to bring 2L to 3L of water, and chocolate bars. Sugar can give you energy and water is the fuel you will need to go a long mile. Take the bus from Cubao to SM Bacoor at Philtranco Alibangbang Cubao terminal. Get off at SM bacoor after 30-40 mins. We rented a jeep going to the DENR Office in Trece Martires. Register then start walking to the jumpoff point. Up the mountain you will meet lots of fellow hikers and families happily climbing together so if you're up for an adventure you should try it with friends and family too. The trip will be far from boring I assure you. The budget if you're curious is about 500 Pesos to 800 Pesos depending on your water and food consumption. The fares are 300 Pesos to 500 Pesos depending again if you would be joining a big group or bringing your own car. All in all (bring 800 Pesos to be safe) note that money is never a hindrance if you are a thrifty girl like me. Enjoy nature and leave the office even for one day (or more :P:P:P) you will have the best time of your life.
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Oh Pico De Loro

Remembering you makes my back ache. You gave me pure memories of struggle and triumph. My wonderful day of exhaustion and pain both external and internal. Where fresh air became my friend, and all the trees helped me to get up the mountain. If I make one wrong move it's goodbye for me. It's where I let myself go and even if I was afraid to fall I kept on walking and pushing until I was on the top. Well almost :) I got to reach the initial peak and not the main peak called the parrots beak. I was still very happy I experienced it and saw an amazing view from the top of Pico De Loro.

the story about this group

The real newbie explorers, and very eager are Macy and Jen (pic 1 and some of the pictures as you browse more), they are the ones who books our travels.

Chris and Tin are both into running, being the only couple of the group they shared their own time, even though they joined us, I'm sure they bonded even more throughout the whole trip.(seen from pics 2&3)

Nic has a girlfriend but not me haha so were just friends, he is the original backpacker, and he is the machoman of the group, well kinda. He loves to joke around but he is really serious in person. He likes to make a joke out of Jen, but that's just coz he really likes to hang around her (seen from pics 4 to 6)

and me "always on the back ground but never out of the picture".

Macy jen and me had a rough start during our first travel, but we outgrew our differences and just enjoyed more and more while being together in adventures.

SO that's us..and Oh yeah you can find edwin in the behind the scenes, he was late on this trip so he took the challenge of climbing again a week later . ^_^

The adventure costs P2050 each
Inclusive of
- Round trip transpo Manila to Tarlac, and Tarlac to Manila
- 4X4 Jeep ride to the Jump off

all of our Food we paid by ourselves for breakfast lunch and merienda budget of P500 each or below depending on your own budget and consumption, also for the 1.5L of water you should bring costs about P30-P50 from 7-11 convenience stores, including the showers from nearby houses which they let us use, also you may find public baths .

All in all you may set aside P2000 to P3000 if you'd like to experience it too.

For inquiries and contact numbers please see below:

TRIPinas Travel and Tour Ventures
1102 Le Gran Condominium, 45 Eisenhower St., Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines
contact number: +632 392-2006/ address:

behind the scenes from Mt Pinatubo

Bloopers, water breaks and tired feet
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Part 2 for the Mt Pinatubo pics

fresh air, cloudy sky, and a whole lot of smiles

Taken in Mt Pinatubo, located in Capas Tarlac Philippines Feb 18, 2012, credits to my friends for the photos.

Had a great time, simply because it's a place everyone thought once as a scary place, being a volcano. But we (Macy, Jennylyn, Nicol, Chris, Tin, and me) made it the most of our trip. Gone over and under the lahar barren land of Capas Tarlac, had a few scares while riding the 4x4 jeep which from afar looked like toy cars in lots of colors. The first few pictures are taken in the morning so not yet looking like old people due to the vast cloud of dust coming in on our faces. Thankful that a day before it rained. The people are friendly, honest tour guides who serve also as porters. They will help you out with your bags if you can't carry them anymore. The trek is just as we expected, long and tiring and if nature calls then you will have to use the traditional way, just use a scarf to cover you. Mt Pinatubo's old trail is for both beginners and advanced climbers, mostly rocky and sandy, so you better bring trekking shoes for protection. What thrilled me is the cold water when your shoes take a dip while passing by the many streams behind boulders. Quite slippery so your guide will be your most trusty partner to help you across. Just like me, I was excited to get so fast to the other side. Note that safety first before having fun :P With that said, I confess I still enjoyed the water inside my shoes. The first glance at the entrance to the lake, welcomed us with a nice view. The proof if in front of me, I was 7 yrs old when it erupted and there I was standing the wind was blowing fresh air, and just in time to put on my slippers . Glancing at the beautiful view, my hungry senses reminded me to rest first. Nic had the plan to eat our lunch at the other side where we can swim and play at the hot spring, but we all just gave in and took out our simple salo-salo composed of siomai, donuts, salted egg with tomatoes and onion whom Macy and Jen carefully prepared. Aside from that we shared rice and pork made by Chris and Tin. People gathered around the shed too and then the place was instantly turned into a casual restaurant by the lake shore. Koreans, Brits, French, Pinoys, name it, it was an international gathering where the boys enjoyed girl watching and the girls just enjoyed sun bathing and out on the coolest outfit of them all haha..nope they're not nude, they just let the sun burned them a bit. Like us while waiting for the boat to catch. From being tired we dossed off. The sunny-cloudy sky was making me sleepy and they I believe made themselves comfortable with plain sands on our backs. Unlike a few people who brought their camping gears like tents, and that cute little cooking kettle that the Koreans used for their afternoon tea . I hand it to them being a newbie on travelling and exploring, I am trying to absorb everything I see, and heard. Specially from Nic, he always tells me how to make use of my time better than just staying at home. At last the boat came, and we aboard. Another addition to my firsts, is riding it without the wood to balance in tagalog is called a "Katig" with the "Tarik" on the side are outriggers which are bamboo that when filled with water, is my worst fear yet hahaha. Just tried to be brave and enjoyed the torquise water, and even if I imagined there is a monster going to bite my hand off, I felt the 26 degrees and 5.5 pH, haha . It was weirdly silent at the other side, few people who paid for the fee to ride the boat and take 30 min swim made me calm and just enjoy the view. We forgot to bring eggs, as supposedly the shore where the cold and hot water meet can cook them in minutes. But even if we didn't get to do it, I got to swim Just this one small problem, I can't get back to the shore I found myself asking for help, from our guide to drag me. So embarrassing but my life depended on him, and my butt being cooked from the heat. Had a few funny moments where one of our boys wore trunks and just flaunted himself in front of the women in bikinis, haha I was proud of him and with his mighty guts to do that. I was satisfied even for the short time we had. It was time to go back and get the last glimpse of it all. The trip back was very fun, I used the poncho we bought, and I was enjoying the sprinkles of rain showering above us. The 4x4 at the jump off are waiting patiently as we took our group shot near the edge of a lahar cliff, dangerous but very nice view. Bumpy bumpy ride good thing I sat next to Nic he helped not to fall over. And when we arrived we showered and went home finally, I couldn't help but sleep at the van, and just as I thought my dream couldn't be any better, We were back in Manila saying our quick goodbyes...until our next trip ^_^ did we leave him behind?? where could he be??