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My merc. 2

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1st Aug 2009, 11:38   comments (0)

My merc.

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----- "Well good afternoon ___ my god I didn't kno

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"Well good afternoon ___ my god I didn't know what time of the day it is. So I'm in the Mercedes yeah I just picked it up it's very nice oh my god it's very nice. I'm, I'm taking it straight up to my local ___ section and they're gonna give it a good looking over for me but ___ it is I mean I mean it's, it's beautiful oh my god it's so beautiful and I guess I'm gonna get killed(?) when I get home. Oh well I'll speak to you later. Bye."
- spoken through SpinVox
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it passes your window like

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Shady evil stare.

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Oops! 3 down already.

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