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I am a Fish&Chips addict.
When I shoot, nobody dies.
I know you love me.
I love me too.

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You remember my name

(viewed 1239 times)
She is from Norway.

No surprise she likes Scandinavian (post-teenager girl) rock, especially their pop chorus...

When least expected, we are "In Flames" and...

--> Cloud Connected ! <--
16th Apr 2012, 19:23   | tags:comments (2)

From my window

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35th Floor of a nice hotel in Warsaw, this morning at 6am

Bottomline: Vodka kills my head (by the way).

@PP: didn't get your point, huh ? must be the vodka (again)!
4th Apr 2012, 20:03   comments (4)


(viewed 541 times)
... I wonder if Bloom would like to live in Seattle...

It's Alice in Chains hometown after all (one of her favorite bands... and mine too actually).

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So does my kitten.
For sure.

--> Say Goodbye don't follow <--
13th Mar 2012, 22:22   comments (7)

What's inside your head ?

(viewed 747 times)
You take the elevator to the top
The next thing you know
There you are standing on the edge
And all the flashing lights and futile cries
They're left with you now
Just close your eyes and take that final step

--> And you think that maybe you can fly ? <--
(Mike Patton)
10th Mar 2012, 08:53   comments (0)

Bring the wayward one back home

(viewed 785 times)
Please !
I am lost in Warsaw. I work in a stalinian building from the 50'. It is sad sad sad.

Please bring me back to Chicago, where I was happy, under the sun.

I always have been a wayward guy....

--> Wayward One <--
(Yes I am in a Alter Bridge period of my life)
5th Mar 2012, 20:47   comments (4)


(viewed 1115 times)
(Leaving for Poland)

--> Who will watch over you, Chenav ? <--
(Alter Bridge)
4th Mar 2012, 19:39   comments (9)

Tic toc tic toc

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I like cemeteries.
It is not about sadness.
It is all about memories.
Chouettes souvenirs érodés, délavés, fissurés par ce temps qui s'écoule inexorablement.

Makes me smile, makes me cry, makes me feel alive.
Understand that life is short. Shorter than you can imagine.

Live full throttle.
And don't care about "stuff".
Whatever may come. I'll make it easy. Easy like sunday morning :)

Enivrez vous, disait Baudelaire.
Charly avait déjà tout compris.

--> devenir yourself <--
25th Feb 2012, 18:22   comments (2)


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But kids, never forget the almighty "H and S"'s law:
--> <--

( actually, I have to agree with Harry, I could never be "friends" with 1989 Meg Ryan either ^^ )
21st Feb 2012, 21:24   comments (3)