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I am a Fish&Chips addict.
When I shoot, nobody dies.
I know you love me.
I love me too.

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I am the devil's son...

(viewed 679 times)
...I was told today.

I am not a freelance anymore.

An 8 year long era ends.

I will not work at Ornano boulevard, St Ouen/St Denis anymore.

A new chapter begins.
We'll see where it leads to.
5th Jan 2012, 23:20   comments (2)

Seing the last 2011 sunset...

(viewed 670 times)
... through cat's eyes !
1st Jan 2012, 21:38   comments (1)

And at night...

(viewed 554 times)
When the "supposed to be" kids were asleep, the "supposed to be" adults were... err... being serious ?

Yeah, yeah, drinking champagne and painting the night with "poï poïs" (multicoloured lightbulbs).
And laughing (a lot).
And giggling like tiny mice...

With Solenne, Eliott's aunt (the crazy girl, first picture) and Vince, one of his uncle (the snail guy, third pics).
Of course, Daddy Ben is on the second picture, doing his Copperfield look...

Damn, we are such kiddos...
We were 5 year-olds during the day.
And 5 year-olds during the night.

That's consistent, I might say.
1st Jan 2012, 21:24   comments (1)

New Year ( Cote d'azur )

(viewed 515 times)
With Eliott, my pistolero 8 year old godson, and his cousins.
And of course, Ben, his dad.

I am still wondering who the most childish boy is/was among us...

Believe me, I was not the oldest guy of the crew (neither was Ben!)... you should have seen me run everywhere in the forest, play with fake guns and peashooters, or even play with Naruto action figures...

Ok, sometimes, I am 5. Is that a problem ?

And yes, it was sunny and hot ( 18°C ).
1st Jan 2012, 21:16   comments (1)

Looking forward

(viewed 561 times)
2:30 am.
Just came back from my bar, near les Beaux Arts.
Walking from the middle of Paris to my place.
Raining cats and dogs.
But happy in the worst period of the year for me.

Can't wait for 2012.
New angle.
Future is unknown, a great land of opportunities.

--> a teenager song from Killswitch Engage, which made me smile on my way back under the rain <--
22nd Dec 2011, 00:43   comments (2)

Memories from Chicago

(viewed 491 times)
Chenav on the right.

Where is Wax ?
16th Dec 2011, 23:11   comments (3)

Give me a cocktail...or I kill a Carebear !

(viewed 759 times)
10 days without a cocktail...

Hello, I am Chenav and I am alcoholic :p

Très à propos:
--> Duality <--
(Sorry I am not a fan of Justin Bieber, girls...)
14th Dec 2011, 20:57   comments (3)

Looking back

(viewed 490 times)
In 2011, I got:
- a new job (starting 2012),
- a new favourite bar,
- lot of fun,
- a new (inox) liver,
- unforgettable memories on the road (with Wax :) ).

And Bloom weighs at last 4 kilograms (ok she should be 6 or 7 kg, but she decided to stay a fluffy kitten forever, yes, F O R E V E R).

But I lost track of some people I liked ... and I lost a lot of (too much?) weight ! ;)

2012 will be a new beginning.

--> Breaking all illusions (inspiring solo only) <--
7th Dec 2011, 00:50   comments (1)