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I am a Fish&Chips addict.
When I shoot, nobody dies.
I know you love me.
I love me too.

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I am Chenav and I approve this message

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21st Oct 2011, 09:43   comments (4)

Financial Crisis

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Business school asks me to teach in the basement, with a bar and a refrigerator in the room...

And it is cold there.

Feels like a primary school class.
Good atmosphere though.
19th Oct 2011, 12:18   comments (5)

Badlands memory

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I want to go back.
And spend time with the silence.

'Cause 2011 has actually been a --> Duality <--

Nothing is what it seems!
17th Oct 2011, 20:39   comments (0)


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Then... I won't let this build up inside of me

Corey, again: Vermilion pt 2

Et une petite mise à jour de la part de Wax :
2nd Oct 2011, 21:45   comments (0)

Snuff out

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Make me think about a place.
About some past events.
About someone.
About a song.

Corey Taylor sang it for me: Snuff
30th Sep 2011, 19:14   comments (0)

Having breakfast in Reims

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En corrigeant des copies au soleil en terrasse du bar Le Lion, forcément...
30th Sep 2011, 09:34   comments (0)

Looking forward

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Autoshot in the car, driving to Pierre, South Dakota

Listening to: nice stuff from Buckethead
26th Sep 2011, 01:03   comments (5)

Bloom, the fur(r)y

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The small princess is sweet, even if she always begs for food !

I think about someone special tonight, listening to Zakk Wylde: Won't find it here
Hope you'll be well.
I'll be there.
You know.
23rd Sep 2011, 20:47   | tags:comments (3)