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Boet & JokerXL bring you;
Welcome to "CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD"

The idea is simple and is this:
We send a disposable camera on a photographic journey around the world. At each of it's stops the receiver takes just one picture, something outstanding in his or her area and sends it on to the next MobLogger.
When it's full it comes back to us, we get it developed, scan the images and post them on the CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD site.
See, simple!

If you're interested in taking part we'll, of course, need your postal address. This information will be stored securely and, only but only used for the purposes of the CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD project. After it has been used, once, it will be deleted, permanently.

We don't do "Simple", so here's the rest:
There are 27 exposures in each of our cameras and, we think, it's journey will take about a year to complete. Pretty boring for all of us waiting at home for the pictures to be posted.
So! Each recipient is asked to blog themselves along the camera's route. Digitally record your experiences with "the package" and post them on the CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD site. That way we can all keep up with the camera's progress, week by week.

We want you to make an image that the rest of the world will say "WoW" to. Like Eminem said; "you only get one shot, one opportunity", so make it count!

After all the fun's been had and all the images are safely back home and posted on the CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD site we intend to publish the whole thing in a full colour book. Each single image, with the accompanying "blogged" pictures, a short description of the piece by the MobLogger responsible and a short biog. The book will be available for sale online as soon as humanly possible (after the last images are back with us of course).

All proceeds from sales of the CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD book will go to the "Lime suckers" project which will assist Heather in her medical costs as she fights Hodgkin's lymphoma.

So come on MobLoggers, join in the fun and let's see how far we can take this thing!
Drop us a line at anjamarty[at]orange[dot]nl
We look forward to adding you to the list of participants.
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Biggest Chair I've ever seen

(viewed 1253 times)
When you live in a city for 10+ years, and you're married to someone
who has lived in said city his whole life, it can be really hard to
think in terms of "What might a visitor be interested to see?". This
chair is one of the things. This city was, at one time pre-WWII, one
of the leading manufacturing cities for chairs in the US, with 20 or so
factories. Some of the companies had worldwide reputations for their
quality and artistry. We are the city that kicked off, in 1905 with a
12 foot Mission style chair, the race to make the World's Biggest
Chair, a race that, as world record races do, is still going on today.
As most of the old furniture companies aren't here anymore, Gardner is
pretty much out of that race, but this Heywood-Wakefield chair was it's
last effort. It's twenty feet, seven inches tall, ten feet wide, nine
feet deep and for a year (1976), it was the world's biggest. It's
quite common to see people climbing it for pics, but I'm a wee bit too
afraid of heights for that. ;D

posted by silar31

5th Aug 2007, 15:31   comments (9)

Urgent request!

(viewed 671 times)
To all camera-holders;
Could you please let me know when you recieve a camera in the post (by
Email or a quick picture to this Blog would be great) and also if you
would let me know when you've sent it on it's way again after taking
your shot. (again by Email to me or a quick picture to this Blog).
The time between two recipients is getting incredibly long. We're over
half way through the year that this project is to take and there are
still plenty of people still waiting to recieve their camera so please
be swift when you recieve one, get out, take your shot, contact me for
the next address, repack the camera and get it on it's way again, that
way everybody gets a chance to take part.
The last known location of each camera have all recieved an Email from
me today so check your InBoxes.
Thanks for your cooperation, Happy clicking,

posted by JokerXL

15th Jul 2007, 17:12   comments (5)

LSD's turn at the ClickCam

(viewed 870 times)
The top photo is the photo i took with the click around the world cam. It's a
pond in Zevenaar where art meets nature. The statue in the back is called
"The swan".

Middle photo is a photo of a whirlpool in the national park "De Biesbos". Don't
let the size dazzle you, it's about 30 centimeters in diameter.

Bottom photo is taken in the big national park "De hoge Veluwe". It illustrates
the battle of the trees against the elements

posted by LSD
11th Jun 2007, 19:11   comments (4)

Click3 was a special case...

(viewed 1752 times)
I got special dispensation to take a photo not where I live, but where I I took a photo of an iceberg-surrounded volcano, at the tip of
the Antarctic Peninsula. *

posted by Geodyne

9th May 2007, 18:26   | tags:,,comments (10)

travels with the camera

(viewed 926 times)
on my last day in bristol, i thought i'd use the camera to capture my
front room view...who's next, i wonder?

posted by monkey finger

3rd May 2007, 14:42   comments (5)

Sky, Water and Alligators

The ClickCam has been to Florida
posted by ElphsHouse
14th Apr 2007, 22:45   comments (8)

Clicked a lake and some mountains

(viewed 872 times)
But I couldn't get closer to the lake...

posted by Mandy.

5th Apr 2007, 19:37   comments (12)

clickcam5's journey continues...

(viewed 885 times)
By m ys
ocalledmoblog...posted by mysocalledmoblog
3rd Apr 2007, 12:57   comments (7)