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It's over, can't be the best decision. But courage!

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Nothing has ever beyond men (except death) and that is why God made men the head and leader of all creatures. Never mind the negative aspect of life that has already occured because it has its own role to play.Life is ful of ups and downs but a hero will never mind the down aspect of it but to stand up and face tomorrow. Be yourself. Make it COUNT
24th Aug 2012, 08:36   | tags:,comments (0)

How do we know if it's real love?

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Real love is based on a well-rounded knowledge of a person's strengths and weaknesses. Love is much more than feeling. It states that love is, among other things, "long-suffering and kind.... It bears all things, believes all things, hope all things, endures all things. Love never fails." And love makes a Person act in ways, based on knowledge-not on credulity or ignorance. Which means real love should grow over time. Lets not fall a victims of, Attraction-(what we see), infatuation-(what we feel) and interesting-(what we want). All these tends to end as soon as circumstances change or problems arise. But, Love-(what we know), which is unchangeable. Love overcome obstacles. Real love is based on more than physical appearance. It takes a lot of time to cultivate real Love.!!! (Yet, better is of no use when the best is possible)
27th Jun 2012, 22:10   | tags:,,comments (0)

Why infatuation is not love:

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Infatuation feels like love. In fact, Love includes romantic feelings. But the basis for each is entirely different. As a result, infatuation is about as stable as a castle made of sand. "It doesn't last long," that is the different. "You can be attracted to someone one day, and then a month later you feel the same way but toward someone else!" surely this not love, but infatuation.>(what we feel)
30th May 2012, 22:01   | tags:,,comments (0)

Whats need have we in friendships?

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Much more than to explain. Despite the bad influence! "If i'm angry, I need someone to vent to. If i'm sad, i went someone to tell me it's going to get better. If i'm happy, i want to share that with someone. To me, friends are a necessity. Because he or she shares your values. But, Choose as friends those who have qualities that are worthy of imitation "Admirable Qualities."
30th May 2012, 18:57   | tags:comments (0)

What can i wear?

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The first impression you make often depends on what you're wearing. Avoid styles that highlight sexuality. They make you appear desperate and self-absorbed. Remember we are only to be judged by what comes out of us!. Your clothing is like a sign that tell people all about you. What does your "sign" say about you?
30th May 2012, 18:40   | tags:,comments (1)