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This is an experiment. Every day there will be a picture of me. For a year.

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Yesterday's picture that I forgot to post.
21st Jul 2007, 15:52   | tags:,comments (3)

On reflection

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Train home

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It's been a very tiring day.
18th Jul 2007, 18:15   | tags:,,,comments (7)

Star Wars model ccg

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I managed to only buy 4 packs and not the whole box.
17th Jul 2007, 13:18   | tags:,,comments (2)


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16th Jul 2007, 23:29   | tags:,,comments (6)


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Sunday walk.


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No excuse. I'm late today.

It's still saturday. I haven't slept yet. (And didn't get out of bed til 1)
15th Jul 2007, 01:38   | tags:,,comments (21)


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And more silver

And this hand has it's own stories. From the left starting with my thumb.

It's hard to see, but that's 2 dragons wrapped around my finger. It was bought for me by my best friend at the time, Danika. This is the second dragon ring that has resided on that finger. I broke the first one when I caught it on a fence. She wanted to replace it for me cause she knew I loved it so.

I've had this ring for around 18 years. It was given to me as a graduation gift from the crossing guard near my Jr.High. I was good friends with her and she wanted to give me something to remember her by.

The pentacle was given to me by my bestestestest friend ever. I'm not a pagan anymore, but I still wear it as it's very important to me since it's been a very long time since I've seen him.

The turquoise was given to me when I was a cook still by one of the waitresses at the restaurant. She was going off to Hawaii and wanted to share something I could remember her by. I've had this one around 12 years.

The last is a piece of coral that has seen some of the worste beating. I really should ahve it reset, but I can't afford it. It was given to me by a lady I can't remember the name of but is a little bit of an inspiration to keep me going with my journalism. She was a successful journalist and she was always very encouraging to me when she found out I wanted to do the same. I've had this ring around 14 years.

All of my rings are like little time markers in my life, but these especially as I've had some of them the longest. They are jsut jewelry to most people, but they are very important to me.