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I'd like to say I'm back to posting to moblog, but it's probably not definitive and it won't happen for a few more months. I've been away mainly because I'm working on (and now beginning to write) my master's thesis and I don't have time for everything I used to have time for. Some things I just had to put aside and sadly Moblog was one of those things. I hope to be back sometime after July, maybe.

But in the meanwhile... who can resist spring? :)
5th Apr 2015, 09:09   comments (7)


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Lift Off

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This leaf beetle (Lachnaia tristigma, I think) didn't want anything to do with my approaching camera. But, fortunately, I was quick enough to capture what I assume is a disapproving look as he stretched his wings to lift off.


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A long and unusually rainy winter this year resulted in these two waterfalls near my home looking like this. I had never seen them so full of water.

Just so you have an idea, the first shot here and this shot from 2010 are of the same waterfall!
12th Mar 2014, 22:51   | tags:comments (1)


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A Great Tit and a singing Blue Tit.
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An European Serine feeding on seeds between rain showers.
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Decaying Roses

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