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Fiery Sunflowers

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Life at the Pond

From last weekend's trip to a small village nearby. I was told by the locals that there's supposed to be a couple of otters living there, but I didn't see them. Just frogs, fish, dragonflies and damselflies.
9th Aug 2011, 00:26   comments (6)


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Not one, not two, but three ripe tomatoes! (As of three days ago.)

So, how are yours doing, swamprose? :)
8th Aug 2011, 11:17   | tags:comments (7)


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Wet 1st of August

These are for Caine. :)

(I was not expecting rain today, but I'm always eager to photograph some rain droplets.)
1st Aug 2011, 23:06   comments (6)

Argynnis pandora, Up Close

Black Kite

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The two little birds that managed to sneak in are swallows. I just couldn't bring myself to crop them out.


And Happy 1st Moblog Anniversary to me. :)