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Ferrinshadik (n): the yearning to speak with other intelligent species.

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2nd May 2005, 20:21   comments (0)


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Ah, the aftermath of a good game. Random scatter of exalted books, it has been too long. ^^
12th Feb 2005, 07:02   comments (5)


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The best. Coffee machine. Ever. Grinds the beans for you and everything.
11th Feb 2005, 20:02   comments (6)

fishtank of DOOM.

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Yes, there are fish in there. No, I don't think they're very happy about it.
11th Feb 2005, 19:55   comments (0)

Yaaay game

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Ah, the smell of erasers and inspiration. New game is in the offing! -cheer-
11th Feb 2005, 08:38   comments (1)