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this is a journey into sound and colour streetart, graffiti, yarnbomb, stickers, stencils, bristol


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My Demons don't look like this #streetart in bristol

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28th Jan 2012, 11:33   comments (0)

Arts anonymous. #stickers in bristol

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From top to bottom:

Mos. -
Johnman -
Wey Mnky (Colorado) :)

Arts anonymous. +



Wey mnky

the tweets must flow #twittercensord

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The tweets must flow - this is twitters new ability the ability to
block tweets seen in a various country, the tweets will still be posted but
not seen in a country they were posted from? im confused ,

What is going on with all this privacy, piracy, censorship? Twitter has
decided to censor itself. I think of the Arab spring uprising and how that
could not take place anymore? In reality any country could possibly stop
absolutly anything it chose.

Money talks, morals? why the pretence of having any. I think their blog
post (above) is brilliantly misleading, twitter thinks were all dumb, well
I think its just shot itself in the foot and dug its own grave, this is social suicide.
27th Jan 2012, 21:30   comments (2)

Conversations in the wild-First they came

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Conversations in the wild -

First they came for the travellers
But I did nothing because
I was not a traveller

Then they evicted me, now im fucked, ha,ha

First they came for the travellers
But I did nothing because
I was not a traveller

Now no one likes me!


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Plumber -

Yarn bomb

Then they came for the internets

Free shop #streetart in bristol

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Free shop , streetart stencils in bristol

The original painting is black and white but it came out blue, so I had to
mess with it. must be magic hour

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Criminal chalkist ?


(viewed 1328 times)
27th Jan 2012, 14:06   | tags:,,,comments (1)

Prometheus. Wheatpaste in bristol

(viewed 1669 times)
Prometheus wheatpaste in bristol, streetart

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Possible Artist

My dog sighs

A while ago this stencil of a child with pants down was suddenly covered in pages from the bible

Dot com

(viewed 1128 times)
Tagger Dot com gets jail

this person taggs everything and I mean everything, apart from public and
private property, he also taggs over every piece of streetart that goes up,
whether their legit or not. "Dot com" is not his only tagg he possibly
uses "sony" which is also plastered everywhere. Ive yet to see any public
art of his own

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Update -