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in the dressing room with one of the toms

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11th Sep 2008, 14:13   comments (0)

The strings. X

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The strings. X
8th Sep 2008, 17:47   comments (27)

Hi this is Guy and I'm outside the BBC. I'm just

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"Hi this is Guy and I'm outside the BBC. I'm just having a a short cigarettes break after waiting on the first hour of my show. I've just spoken to Kerby Jim Fairchild who is otherwise known as all smile. He's a great man. He's a great musician. If none of you have heard his music, well you have heard his music I'm assuming if you know grandaddy, cos he was the guitarist in grandaddy. But all smiles. Fantastic group you must check them out. It's raining here in Manchester and I'm just seeing if this, if this works this this blog. If so there should be lots of erm's(?) and stutter noises because I'm not speaking very clearly. Anyway let's give it a whirl. Hello everyone."
- spoken through SpinVox
5th Sep 2008, 19:30   comments (10)

Making my show for 6 music. X

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Making my show for 6 music. X
5th Sep 2008, 18:50   comments (5)

Me and kev

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Me and kev
1st Sep 2008, 03:19   comments (5)

X x x

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X x x
31st Aug 2008, 20:01   comments (0)


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31st Aug 2008, 19:37   comments (4)

Further dressing room nonsense. X

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Further dressing room nonsense. X
31st Aug 2008, 19:33   comments (1)