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snaps of what is happening in my house, neighbourhood, universe, whatever.
flowers. dog. my work. I fade in and out.

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18th Apr 2007, 22:14   comments (0)

Not quite cartoon

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My sonyericsson doesn't have the cartoon mode. But it does have this nifty 'solarize' option.

I've Quit

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I've finally stopped smoking. It was a habit for more years than I'd care to admit, and a real addiction. I've been using a nicotine patch program for the past 6 weeks, and have only this box left to go before I 'graduate'. I'm rather proud of myself!
15th Apr 2007, 18:17   comments (11)


the ClickCam went to the Florida Everglades.
This area is not a swamp, as a lot of people think, it
is actually a very slow-moving river.
In the Everglades, you can see some of Florida's
original inhabitants - alligators and sawgrass.
12th Apr 2007, 20:00   comments (1)

Cam gets ready to depart

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The ClickCam is ready to head off on its next adventure!
12th Apr 2007, 19:41   comments (0)


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I had to have a root canal this morning.
12th Apr 2007, 19:37   comments (0)


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30th Mar 2007, 17:40   comments (4)

Ooh! Mail!

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30th Mar 2007, 17:30   comments (2)