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snaps of what is happening in my house, neighbourhood, universe, whatever.
flowers. dog. my work. I fade in and out.

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Back from Italy

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with 750+ photos to edit!

Oddities in Roman shop window

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19th Oct 2006, 10:48   comments (2)

More sky

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3rd Oct 2006, 23:34   comments (1)

reattached & healing

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This is the thumb of one of my friends. In early August, he slipped outside while watering some plants. He put his hand out to break his fall, and landed on a porcelain planter. The planter broke, of course, and the result was that his finger was cut through the tendons, and his thumb was amputated. Obviously, his thumb has been reattached, and I think it's looking rather good, all things considered.
3rd Oct 2006, 14:11   comments (11)

knitting silly

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I made this hat as a birthday gift for my cross-country skiing friend. I'm hoping it will scare the bears away!
It's actually very red, not hot pink; my cam phone likes to make things pink or purple
28th Sep 2006, 19:45   comments (12)

blue sky vine

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thunbergia somethingorotheria

blue, green, white

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bright sky & Yucca blooms