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Swooninducing mulled wine and Swedish chefs at last night's Swedish fair in church on Harcourt Street Marylebone opp. the pub where Yasemin my adorable yet wilful Borrowed Beagle lives with pub owners John & Dee.

If you happen to be a fan of salt licorice and rotten fish fermenting in tins (banned in Swedish apartment buildings as they have to evacuate the building if the tins explode) then slope on over before Sunday.

Who Am I Comp. with 'pet puzzle' prize

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**1st Correct Tweeted Answer Wins a 20-Piece Cat Puzzle!**

A total of 10 'Who Am I' clues will be twittered today at randomly-spaced intervals until the first correct answer (full name) is received, otherwise the game closes for re-run next week with more special prizes.

Here is your first clue (the remainder will be posted direct to twitter):

I was an inventor. I became good friends with a famous writer when I cured his constipation.

(Competition Also Open to Overseas Entrants)

CONGRATULATIONS to @mrjudkins who, rather disappointingly, won before I'd given my second 'I had very special relationships with pigeons', clue - Well done, Mr Judkins, the very special cat puzzle will be winging its way to you on the other side of the planet!
19th Nov 2008, 04:37   | tags:comments (0)

the annual S.A.D. inspired hairtastrophe

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hair colouring provided distraction between bouts of studying -- my hair is now stark raving red, this wasn't intentional
16th Nov 2008, 01:57   comments (0)

running with wolves/wildebeests

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one of my favourite routes, though sad for the caged wild creatures
9th Nov 2008, 15:31   comments (0)

Soup to Survive British Winter By

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Yesterday's pastry blind bake sacrificed what amounted to a small hill of beans - so (despite their 20mins of 150c toasting) soaked the 4cups or so of them overnight to see if they could be rescued.

Then, this afternoon simmered the soaked 'deluxe beans' (available at Holland & Barrett) for an hour with 1L of water, 3tbsp marigold veg seasoning, 1cup leftover red wine, 2tsp pepper, 400g tin chopped tomatoes with garlic - it made for a soup on which you could plough at least 6 acres on a biting winter's day, if so inclined. Any left after the flatmate raid was poured & stored (for freezing) into the Poly-Lina pouches I'm a bit obsessed with at the mo.

charm flavoured quark quiche

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Lazy pre-prepared leftover shortcrust from a lunch last week was this morning employed for what I'd like to call Charm Flavoured Quark Quiche, recipe as follows:

3 beaten eggs,
2 tubs of this odd Quark stuff found in supermarket,
roasted pumpkin seeds,
roasted mixed vegetables of choice with 4 crushed and sauteed garlic cloves, 3tbsp fresh thyme, tbsp marigold vegetable bouillon (a *magic* ingredient) and handful sesame seeds to absorb moisture,
250g emmental cheese,
200g roasted pecans

Mix together and place in shortcrust-lined flan tin that was blind baked for 20mins at 150C ... once add mixed ingredients to the blind-baked case, continue to cook for 30mins at 150C until golden on top.

Slightly strange rather than charm flavoured once baked, I think Emmental cheese was a bad decision, next time would use either the same quantity of mature cheddar or otherwise ditch the thyme (it had a lovely delicate flavour but wasn't perfectly complemented by the emmental) and instead go straight to gruyere cheese - otherwise it was quite interesting

For a dinner on 10/11 I updated the recipe swapping the Emmental for Gruyere (only 200g) and Thyme for Oregano and it worked acely, according to ten test subjects who sampled it that week. Great for freezing and having available for random visitors.

Sandy Spangler - one word g

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31st Oct 2008, 18:24   comments (0)

Kieron Gillen

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Rock Paper Shotgun - not enough plagiarism in MMOs (Eve Online should have affected game design however no game executives played it), know what others are doing, Spider&Web; (old text-based interactive fiction), Pathologic (Oblivion with cancer - people dying, buildings dying, starving, one of few games where if find a gun are happy in that you can swap it for bread, award-winning Russian game, end of each day get a death toll, put people in a situation of resource scarcity), Alter Ego choose your own adventure for your life influenced Sims, look around for influences.
31st Oct 2008, 16:54   comments (0)