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Moblog for the Empty Shops Network, mapping empty shops across the UK and artists, organisations and community groups that are using them. Run by the Revolutionary Arts Group.

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A collective of ten local artists exhibiting and showing work over a period of two weeks starting 17th August at No 9 The Pantiles Tunbridge Wells, currently an empty empty shop. Open 10-5 every day.

Posted by 10atNo9

25th Jul 2010, 13:35   comments (0)


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No more living in a ghost town
When the specials wrote their song ‘ghost town’ Coventry was a city in recessional decline, industry failing, shops boarded up and a general air of hopelessness. This time round with the credit crunch upon us and once again hitting recession, Coventry Art space and Coventry city council are trying hard to ensure that boarded up shops will not be a feature this time.
“No more Ghost town” say Shiam Wilcox and Frieda Van de Poll, two Artists currently working in one of the empty shop spaces given over to them to develop their current project which will later lead to an exhibition of their work.
Frieda and Shiam’s work, a mixture of ceramics, knitting and recycled materials, sits in contrast to the rest of the shop displays in the city arcade but also reflects the diversity of the shopping area. The project ‘Ladies of science’ feature Shiam and Frieda acting out the parts of two Victorian women scientists. The work produced is a strange chimera of fauna and flora with sinister undertones. An experimental laboratory of unusual specimens. The project is based around the fact that it was very much frowned upon for women to be any other form of scientist than Botanists, this was considered the feminine science and Frieda and Shiam have taken this to the extreme. They play on notions such as vitalism (bringing the dead to life through electricity), taxidermy and anatomical creations. Anything in fact about the Victorian scientific underground..
“This space has been a fantastic opportunity to enable us to develop work in partnership” Said Shiam. “We are also able to engage feely with the public, who often stop to look through he window and come in to ask us questions about the work”. “It is a great way to see what reaction to the project there is as we produce work and start filling the shop space. As soon as we finish a sculpture we put it straight on show. People often watch to see how a sculpture is coming along and how they develop” Said Frieda.
So far reactions have been positive not only to the work but also to the shop scheme itself. Shop keepers would rather have Artists next to them than empty boarded up shop units.
Coventry Arts space and Coventry city council have several shop spaces available. These can be applied for through an online application. “Frieda and Shiam were the successful applicants for our first round of Art space bursary awards, so it seemed the appropriate idea to offer them a shop space to develop their ideas” said Laura Arts coordinator of Coventry Art space.

Posted by shiamWilcox

12th May 2009, 19:34   comments (0)

Unit One - Shared Showcase Space

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Coventry Artspace is currently residing in three empty shop spaces in Coventry's City Arcade. Two units have been dedicated to the Artspace Artists' Bursary Scheme by providing work/showcase space in conjunction with a small grant. One of these units currently features recipients Frieda van de Poll and Shiam Wilcox, one awaits the next bursary recipient of July 2009 whilst Artspace prepare the space. Unit One is a dedicated, free showcase space for individuals, artists, students, groups and community representatives which is programmed on a rolling basis. The next showcase will feature Henley College Students from the School of Art and Design.
For more information about Artspace, Unit One or our initiatives visit:

Posted by LauraElliott

Stingers, Spinners, Crawlers and Slitherers

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Sample species in bell Jars in ladies of science laboratory by Shiam Wilcox. City arcade Coventry

Posted by shiamWilcox

ladies of science

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View of front window at Coventry City arcade, Bursary shop. Plant by Shiam Wilcox and Mr fortune by Frieda van de Poll. As part of ladies of science project being developed and displayed in the (empty) shop unit.

Posted by shiamWilcox

Anish Kapoor, Old Market, Brighton, BN1

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Anish Kapoor sculpture as part of the Brighton Festival, in the Old Municipal Market, Circus Street, Brighton

Photo by Fred Pipes

Posted by artistsandmakers

Dodo in Artspace Bursary Space

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Artspace are using two shops in City Arcade, one as an exhibition space and this one for artists to create things ...

Posted by artistsandmakers

Worthing BN11 3EZ

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