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Hanging Around

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JLE doing what she does so well at a party to celebrate 1000 days until the Olympics.
8th Nov 2009, 12:06   | tags:comments (7)

Another Tourist Deer

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13th Oct 2009, 18:44   comments (4)


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Tourist Deer on Richmond Park.

It really doesn't feel right if you haven't had to stalk the thing through fifteen acres of overgrown scrub and woodland.

I was actualy waiting for one of them to come around rattling a tin cup for taking their photos..

Beautiful creatures none the less.

13th Oct 2009, 18:29   comments (7)

Dog and Stick - For Sprocket

(viewed 824 times)
As Sprocket appeared not to be too sure on how this works...

Human throws, mutt retrieves stick spraying matchsticks and saliva everywhere.

Well at least that's how it works for us..
5th Sep 2009, 10:07   comments (10)


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Complete contentment after a two hour treck folowed by a good chew on a stick whilst waiting for the master to finish with the camera...
4th Sep 2009, 22:36   comments (6)

Nottinghill Carnival 2009

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Now fare enough I arrived late but this level of Police manning was ludicrous.

More like the Berlin wall than a London Festival.

Yes they are the Floats, behind the metal fence, past the police officers, and the other side of a metal barrier.

I was sooo disapointed.
1st Sep 2009, 16:07   comments (8)

Hey, I was talking to you

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Taken on a two hour meander around the woods and bracken of Ashridge.
29th Aug 2009, 23:05   | tags:,,comments (10)

Time to Relax

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Work has just been ridiculous of late. The camera, and long walks are much needed.
This was taken at Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve, Oxfordshire
I went there to shoot Red Kites last Monday. When I saw this bench I sat down, got my book out, and stayed until sunset.

It really is a wonderful setting.