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They're here!

(viewed 636 times)
Taken outside Durham Castle and Cathedral. Didn't know Decepticons were church goers.
4th Apr 2009, 12:21   comments (0)

Time to blow the dust some old friends

(viewed 689 times)
My and a housemate decided to restring these bad boys and play for real. Guitar Hero eat your heart out.
22nd Feb 2009, 12:05   comments (0)

spending time with some old friends

(viewed 840 times)
A housemate and I decided to lavish some tlc on those we've ignored for too long.
9th Jan 2009, 11:51   comments (0)

All Hail Spudzilla!

(viewed 1199 times)
Not heard of the Spudzilla type of sweet potato before but I for one welcome our new legume overlords...
17th Sep 2008, 19:30   comments (2)

Awesome view

(viewed 887 times)
Alternative view of the Civic Justice building. quite chuffed with it really.
22nd Aug 2008, 09:11   comments (4)

centre of manchester

(viewed 738 times)
here, on the corner of st ann's church, you can find a cartographers mark that used to be the point which stone milestones used to be measured to. fact.
19th Aug 2008, 15:28   comments (2)