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How does your garden grow?

My garden this morning. What does yours look like?
1st Jan 2012, 19:58   comments (8)

Can you tell what it is yet?

(viewed 714 times)
31st Dec 2011, 23:22   comments (3)

I plan on becoming a happy hooker

(viewed 825 times)
Crochet hopefully is a(nother) past time I can perform on my back.
29th Dec 2011, 20:22   comments (8)

Dr. Daughter and a couple of old folk

(viewed 1488 times)
It was a good day
26th Jul 2011, 12:24   comments (9)

Dr. MiniFF

(viewed 1219 times)
She may now be a doctor but she still has trouble dressing herself.
21st Jul 2011, 22:22   comments (5)

My new wheels

(viewed 1358 times)
You have to feel sorry for the long suffering Baggieboy, he now has to push me around in my new set of wheels, I guess I will have to start being nice to him now so he won't let go of me while going down hill, or tip me into traffic.

I don't have to use the chair all the time, in fact at the moment it is for when I want to go out for a 'walk' as it were. I am still working fall time and using the old legs but it is getting increasingly difficult, when I get home these days it is collapse in a heap and wait for the next morning. I also so spend far too much of the weekend recovering from the week. Hopefully my new wheels will bring on a bit more freedom.
10th Jul 2011, 21:29   | tags:comments (17)

Robot pubes.

(viewed 1805 times)
Well that's what I think it looks like.
19th Apr 2011, 20:02   comments (6)

All the small things

(viewed 2002 times)
As many of you know I had a very very tough time of the past year or so, my leg is still bad and I have been told it will not get better. The medication I take to control the pain commonly causes depression which added to my understandably low mood has been quite debilitating at times.

It was not ALL doom and gloom though I did have a few islands of happy some of which I even managed to capture on 'film'. I am going to force you peeps to view some of them and any others I find that are a reflection of happy or may cause happy.

That is all.

For now.
16th Jan 2011, 10:07   | tags:,,,,comments (17)