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The other 98 were missing

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I clearly didn't take this photo, I hope the guy that did doesn't mind me sharing it with you.
10th Jun 2010, 20:35   comments (12)

Spots and Stripes

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I can't get the colours to look right. The background is more of a warm hessian colour, and some of the spots are a purplish brown, and the see-through stripe fabric is a bit more golden.

Spots for the curtains, stripes and spots for cushions. They should liven up the beige a bit.
15th May 2010, 18:25   comments (4)


Camden was so nice, not really sure what I expected, but not quite so much of it I think.

And no, we didn't eat any doughnuts, we had just had a lovely meal in a vegetarian cafe by the bridge.
12th May 2010, 18:24   | tags:,,comments (2)

It sure is

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What a great way to spend Saturday.
9th May 2010, 18:33   comments (3)

Today's work

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What else was there to do but dress F up in a large paper bag.
5th May 2010, 18:46   comments (4)

Soon to be beige

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Major colour crisis. We are replacing the sofa etc. My initial plan (I can ignore BB's views on such matters - he is colour blind) was to have a monochrome décor a black/grey sofa, pale grey walls, black paint work, and then I wanted to go all out on bright loud curtains and cushions and pictures, that I could change every few months as the mood took me. Unfortunately due to compromises for comfort (that dratted leg again) we have had to settle for an aubergine set of furniture. PURPLE!!! I hear you all shout, just up FF's street, that would look fit fine in her monochrome plan. But no, it is a perfectly pleasant colour, but it is a brownish purple and it is shouting at me and demanding a beige setting.

A bit of a contrast to this current colour scheme.
2nd May 2010, 16:57   comments (7)

Happy New Year

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O.K. So it is May 1st not January 1st.

For many many many weeks (months)now I have been under a heavy dark cloud. My leg has been at best uncomfortable and at it's worst I would gladly have gnawed if off but due to my lack of mobility and flexibility because of the dratted thing, I was unable to. During this time I have been in considerable pain recovering from the pain and/or waiting for it to strike again. All of which has been topped up with many types of drugs to help with the pain which tend to make me very very tired and distant.

For the past few weeks I had decided to make this weekend a time for trying to kick start my mind and try and get back to some sort of normality.I needed that time to gear myself up for it to try to force myself out of my current gloomy place and into the sunshine (it has now just started to rain after a lovely sunny morning, typical!) .

So my starting point is to post something on here where I have made many good friends whom I have neglected terribly over the last few months. Actually I have neglected everyone and everything, including my poor long suffering husband the lovely Mr. BaggieBoy .To those of you who have been in touch during this time, thank you so much for thinking of me.

I feel very guilty about neglecting moblog for all this time it is such a wonderful place, many times I have wanted to visit and see what you are all up to but I have not had the strength, mentally or physically.

So I went out into my much neglected garden this morning to test a camera we (people at work that is) have bought for a lovely colleague who is getting married next month. As you can see it is working.
1st May 2010, 15:14   | tags:,comments (5)

What's the joke?

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No idea what my nephews were talking about, but I reckon it was funny.
23rd Feb 2010, 20:34   comments (1)