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You entered. Since then you have to pay attention here.
Try to make up your mind. Everything surrounding you is there to help you, don't let it destroy yourself.You are valuable for you!
Never give up! Trying you'll finally manage much more than doing nothing at all!
Consider the Allies having given up their efforts for "piece" on the World War II! Who knows? May today we would be much more worst than we mean it to be!
But as you see, History is like the water when a wave forces it to move in the sea. It just stays all the time in the same position (it never reaches the coast,if this had happened then all the sea's water would be now at the coasts and in our homes) but also goes up and down! So, history is the same and repeating as the years passing reaching at crises and then at "sleeps" till the next crisis comes up to the surface. Take care! We live the same situations like the other left generations. Let's get exampled and learn how to face the problems before they become serious crises!

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