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"I tried once to open too many doors at a time, it was unproductive and confusing.
I just learned the last lesson, Dad. I'm supposed to open just one at a time, and only when I reach them along the path, this 'hike' we are taking. That's when the key fits, and opens the lock perfectly, every time. Thank you, Dad. I love you, and miss you. I am blessed with an amazing husband now, he holds my hand as we walk along paths too. We are climbing a little steeper now, with more effort, and thinner air. But I'm not worried. I am looking up. I am living in the moment, being now. Because when we get to the next door, along our path, I know, Dad, . . . that key is going to fit, perfectly!"

excerpt from Pony, 6/6/2013 post
© ruth follmann

Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License

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The Breakfast Blues

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My feathered friends are enjoying the new conch shell bird feeder, but quite noisily!

Stepping outside I heard a skirmish above, only to find a duck on a pine branch far above my head. I stepped away, being in the direct line of fire, in case he were to drop a 'bomb'! He flew off with several other ducks that were on the roof of the trailer!

Guys, Guys! Quiet down! I'm trying to study!
28th Mar 2013, 11:39   | tags:,comments (0)

Venice Shark Teeth Inspire Tribute

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Husband braved the cold to dive & bring home treasures, while I was studying. In the midst of identifying the fossils on my open Psych I book, i was inspired to make this video. I hope you enjoy it.


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Meet Crossfire~an Orchid Betta! He loves to sleep in the alligator skull!
(he's my study buddy!)

Holocaust Memorial Week at Edison State College

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A very sobering display of flags throughout the campus reminds us that with each flag, 10,000 souls were lost. The Holocaust claimed 6,000,000 Jewish victims; 5,000,000 non-Jewish victims. Many activities are happening, including 'Survivor Talk' and a viewing of a great movie: Everything Is Illuminated. May we all continue to work towards peace and acceptance.

Diet & Excersise Strategies by Woody (Woodpecker, that is)

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I'm taking a lesson from the Red-bellied Woodpeckers and encapsulating my food in wood! It seems to be a great workout, and prevents excessive grub snacking! Sure to keep me: 'light as a bird'!

a study in sand

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an incredible project my husband inspired~

i hope it makes you smile~;

Oskar Schuster

Gnome body loves you like I do

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The bird gourd seedlings are doing great despite the cold snap they started out with. A great life lesson for this Spring: Hold out during the cold and reach for the sun, & you can't help but grow. :)

On A Bad Day
Kasey Chambers

Barricades and Brickwalls

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Rockman has been unearthing fossil treasures in "Bone Valley" ~ Peace River ~ like none other!

His most recent finds are horse teeth, a deer antler, fish mouth plates, turtle shell fragments and tiger shark teeth! Here he is complete with his set up and hat, sporting extinct Mackeral shark teeth found at Venice Beach.

He is always on the go . . . but never far from me~

Barricades and Brickwalls
Kasey Chambers