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"I tried once to open too many doors at a time, it was unproductive and confusing.
I just learned the last lesson, Dad. I'm supposed to open just one at a time, and only when I reach them along the path, this 'hike' we are taking. That's when the key fits, and opens the lock perfectly, every time. Thank you, Dad. I love you, and miss you. I am blessed with an amazing husband now, he holds my hand as we walk along paths too. We are climbing a little steeper now, with more effort, and thinner air. But I'm not worried. I am looking up. I am living in the moment, being now. Because when we get to the next door, along our path, I know, Dad, . . . that key is going to fit, perfectly!"

excerpt from Pony, 6/6/2013 post
© ruth follmann

Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License

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Viscosity at FFPERSC!

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Husband was asked to identify the six household fluids used to create this experiment in viscosity. The last layer added is the one that creates the lava lamp look! Want to try this one next: Six fluids used were: (bottom up) honey, maple syrup, dish detergent, vegetable oil, baby oil, and rubbing alcohol tinted red with a drink mix powder.
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It's only natural

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Woke husband to see over 30 Wood Storks in the dunes behind the Trailer. We fixed coffee for the hike, and headed to where we saw all the birds flying in. Incredible! Link to these amazing birds.
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Life is not the pits~it's a tree!

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Avocado tree started from a 'pit', in the sunshine~

Learning from mistakes can be . . . beautiful

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Because, sometimes when you see something from another angle, it appears . . . . totally different.

Spider-man Blues

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Spring break is over, time to hustle your shell up that hill, extend a claw, & climb right to the top! A bit of me is still tugging to the past, the Miocene era to be exact. Some research has yielded new sites to check out, that will have to wait, for me anyway~

Florida Fossil Sites:

Looking forward to Shell Creek: to find Paleo-Indian spear points, and the ooze of the Suwanee River!

Rockman Husband is taking some of my sister-in-law Odette's family from Canada to Venice this week! Hopefully they will find some of the extinct Mackerel shark teeth Rockman has wired to his hat! (5-37 million years old!) They seemed very excited at the prospecting possibilities when pursuing our cache of finds.

Happy fossil hunting guys!;=s2hn2-fJ554

and me?

back to reality . . .

but, it's all good!

~music by: Reba Russell Band, newly appreciated by Husband's trip with brother-in-law Bob to the Bonita Springs Blue's Fest~the boyz

A Chiquita Banana!

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Husband's Xmas gift to the compound 2 years ago was a pair of banana trees and an avacado tree. The avacado was lost in the rainy season, but the banana trees are muy feliz! This guy sprouted a baby tree right out of the base of his trunk! Hoping for friut maybe next year.
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Bye George, I believe it's a Snaggletooth!

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This Saturday, we will be at Peace . . .

The upcoming weekend brings our Snowbird co-workers, fossil enthusiasts from the great state of MI, to dig with us, in the river bed dirt.

Can You Dig It? All hands on deck, Mama wants a Megalodon! (a mastodon would be nice too)

Yesteryear's bones/teeth are tomorrow's treasures!

I'm Duck Dodgers, you dethpicable dog!

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