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"I tried once to open too many doors at a time, it was unproductive and confusing.
I just learned the last lesson, Dad. I'm supposed to open just one at a time, and only when I reach them along the path, this 'hike' we are taking. That's when the key fits, and opens the lock perfectly, every time. Thank you, Dad. I love you, and miss you. I am blessed with an amazing husband now, he holds my hand as we walk along paths too. We are climbing a little steeper now, with more effort, and thinner air. But I'm not worried. I am looking up. I am living in the moment, being now. Because when we get to the next door, along our path, I know, Dad, . . . that key is going to fit, perfectly!"

excerpt from Pony, 6/6/2013 post
© ruth follmann

Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License

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Wood Storks at the Follmann Pond

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Izzie the Dog alerted with several barks that there were Wood Storks to be seen!

I botched the photo ops and the three flew away. I should have stayed inside and used the zoom on my Blackberry!


The sighting, though, landed me in 22nd place in the Great Backyard Bird Count for Lee County in Florida!


The contest is worldwide. It started today, and lasts through the Monday.

We are going to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Monday. It is a bird 'hot spot'!


Very excited to finish the contest with such a great opportunity!

Join the fun! Submit your lists! Good Luck!

Valentine in the Rain

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A single Valentine bloom sparkles amidst a tree of the same. Our earth spins in love, while Asteroid 2012 DA14 makes it's way to some only 17,200 miles above the earth's surface tomorrow @ 2:25 EST. So use this misattribution of arousal to hug your 'Sweetheart' tight! Though this space rock ~half the size of a football field~ is not expected to hit earth, who's to say this sterotype threat won't lead to a hypothalamus surge! Happy Valentine's Day!

Mc Ibis!

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Shared my fish sandwich with almost 20 white Ibises, a Seagull, and some Grackles! I don't believe the Grackles got any of the bun! :(

"My Cup Runneth Over"

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Leaving guitar class & going back to math lab. Fountain of blessings in learning to guide my way!
8th Feb 2013, 01:24   | tags:comments (5)

Snow Paints a Morning Monet

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The Bird Whisperer spotted a Snowy! This beautiful Egret is on the 'threatened' wildlife list, but now making a comeback. It's trailing plumage is like wisps of snow, very fitting this day of 48° at 10:00 am!

Links for this glorious bird:
1st Feb 2013, 15:00   | tags:,comments (0)

Correcting Answers is for the Fishes!

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A little beautiful down time after a Psych test at the Lily-Koi Pond! Teeth gritting disappears while enjoying these beautiful fish. Erasing one wrong answer to correct it is ok, changing a correct one to a wrong answer, not so much. Trust Your Instincts! {& swim on}


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"Baby, there's no other superstar ~ You know that I'll be ~ Papa-paparazzi" Lady Gaga
31st Jan 2013, 03:48   | tags:,,comments (0)

It is the East, and Lattice Multiplication is the Sun!

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It is a beautiful day for a math test, another stepping stone climbed! I so value Bill's words:
"Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast". Who knew Shakespeare had hints on how to take tests!