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Area code 415: San Francisco from the inside out. Goofy signs, dumb ads, strange people and vehicles, weird store windows, and so on. Hey, what the hell--if it is a picture of San Francisco, it belongs here. So join and post yours. NOW.

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Dumb Broadband Ad

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This ad is REALLY dumb, I hate those idiotic smilies to begin with, but the other problem is these dorks are totally ripping off Amazon. Not that this is a problem, really, they can afford it. But lame, from a "you really ought to fire your graphic designer" POV.

Posted by Mesila

15th Apr 2009, 06:10   | tags:,,comments (1)

You know you've become a "LOST" addict when...

(viewed 2492 times) walk up Jones Street heading for O'Farrell, and see this mural, and immediately you think "This person looks just like John Locke, and the words must be referring to the Island..."

I've only just gotten immersed in this damn show via watching entire seasons over weekend marathons, so I've not yet reached Season 5 which seems to be getting mixed reviews from die-hard fans. I'm not a "fan" of anything, die-hard, or live-easy, but the only show I've found even close to being this intriguing was Babylon 5.

Coincidentally enough, the part of Danielle Russo on Lost is played by Mia Furlan, who you'll have instantly noticed, if you watched both shows, is the lady who also played Delenn--and she was my favourite Babylon 5 character.

Posted by Mesila

Free shameless pluggery

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It amused me a lot to see this store window down around Powell or Mason (I forget which, somewhere down in that area.) For one thing, free advertising for THIS MOBLOG, but even more cool is that I have a job right now doing a site which involves the name Frisco. The person who hired me to do it had no idea I had this moblog. It used to be really considered gauche to call it Frisco, but I've been hearing people bringing that name back, I overhear it used in conversations while riding buses and so forth. I'd wager the abbreviated moniker fits the SMS/IM/Tweeting zeitgeist and this has something to do with "Frisco" returning. That, and the whole joy of Doing Something Ya Ain't Spozedta Do.

Most folks still just say "the City" or "San Fran" but "SF" means "science fiction" and is on its way out.

As for me, my dad always called it Frisco, so I grew up calling it that, and just never stopped.

Posted by Mesila

Cheech Marin must be behind this...

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Need I say more?

Glen Park BART Station.

Posted by Mesila

23rd Feb 2009, 09:16   | tags:,,comments (0)

Lennon said it, and someone billboarded it.

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I'm pretty sure this is on 8th Street.

It says "Imagine No Religion". The sun fought with the camera lens far too much for it to be a halfway good photo, unfortunately.

Posted by Mesila


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Another piece from the Internet-themed shop-window art exhibit in the SoMa. I guess this one is its own commentary. I'm sure it's not just me who can say "I do most of my stepping these days across keyboards not sidewalks." (Unlike some, I'm really unable to work up an ounce of shame about that...but I've had a lot of practice being impervious to shame about addictive behaviours.)

Posted by Mesila

23rd Feb 2009, 07:48   | tags:,,,comments (0)

A pretty mural in a tension-filled location.

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If you live in San Francisco and 1. Recognise this mural, and 2. Are willing to actually admit you recognise it AND tell us in a comment where you saw it, you get great big points for being wonderfully un-hung-up.

Oh it's silly to make a guessing game of it: this is the mural you see in the waiting room of the STD clinic on 7th Street.

There's a scroll across the top which says: "If Love Is Magic Why Doesn't It Last?"

Posted by Mesila

Internet-Themed Gallery Art Sculpture

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This miniature exhibit is - I think - on 9th Street around Howard...but I might have been on 8th Street when I took it, and forgotten, since it was a couple of months ago.

This one is a keyboard which has been disassembled, with keys replacing the original ones that spell out things like:


You get the idea.

Posted by Mesila

23rd Feb 2009, 07:39   | tags:,,,comments (0)
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