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Area code 415: San Francisco from the inside out. Goofy signs, dumb ads, strange people and vehicles, weird store windows, and so on. Hey, what the hell--if it is a picture of San Francisco, it belongs here. So join and post yours. NOW.

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Part of an art exhibit on 6th and Howard in the Soma. The furniture is attached to the windows to make the pieces look like they're being tossed out of them and frozen in time.

Posted by Mesila

Bay Bridge

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From the area around the ball park.

Posted by Mesila

Gothic and unsettling

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The lake by the Palace of Fine Arts.

Posted by Mesila

25th Sep 2008, 08:23   | tags:comments (1)

Ringback - Castro

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In the 21st century pagers are becoming obsolete and so are ringback payphones.

On Castro at Market there's a pay-phone that still rings back. This unidentified man is probably waiting for the bus like me but often enough I see the speedfreaks and hustlers cluster 'round the Ringback Booth looking furtive and anxious. Sometimes even though the access to the phone's totally unblocked as I sit on the street, one will yell at me "Move! Wanna use the phone!" I point out the phone in the MUNI underground station behind me but they need THIS phone.

Posted by Mesila

24th Sep 2008, 10:07   | tags:,,comments (0)

Stink Alley

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To left: Federal HQ a la "Stammheim American Style". To right: a methadone clinic. In middle: a pissoir. SF needs street toilets: emptying bladders and bowels ain't a CHOICE! But people MIGHT do DRUGS in them so toilets get tabled while the same snobs bitch forever about the dirty streets.

Posted by Mesila

24th Sep 2008, 09:52   | tags:comments (0)
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