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What was supposed to be a year-long sabbatical from real life seems to be turning into my real life. Here are the pictures to prove it.

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25th Jan 2005, 01:17   comments (0)


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The other day Dabrowka got her Magister stamp and had a little fun with it
at Guinness. I took these at home. Be thankful that I am not including the
one I let her take at the bar.
25th Jan 2005, 01:16   comments (0)

Because you know you can't get enough...

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...more couple-y type photos.
25th Jan 2005, 00:36   comments (0)

Big guy in a woman's hat

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25th Jan 2005, 00:32   comments (0)

Me and Maja

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This was on the night that she threatened to kill me about 452 times. Sweet
25th Jan 2005, 00:31   comments (0)

Chris and Dabrowka

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Can you believe that someone once referred to Christian as being "creepy"?
25th Jan 2005, 00:29   comments (0)


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Some outside pictures.
25th Jan 2005, 00:29   comments (0)

Just to gross you out a bit

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17th Jan 2005, 00:44   comments (0)