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What was supposed to be a year-long sabbatical from real life seems to be turning into my real life. Here are the pictures to prove it.

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The Many Faces of Dabrowka

and Blurry
28th Nov 2004, 23:08   comments (0)

All Andy All The Time

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Here we have:
Andy wearing one of the girl's sweaters and holding two purses.
Andy licking Dabrowka's boot.
There was a third picture of Andy getting into his Polish Man character but
I couldn't get it to attach. So you get a bonus picture of Andy and Aga.
28th Nov 2004, 22:58   comments (2)


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Some pictures from Friday night at the Green Lantern.
Andy and Aga and me and Dabrowka.
28th Nov 2004, 22:35   comments (0)

My Thanksgiving feast

Turkey sandwiches and instant mashed potatos - just like grandma used to
make! Of course, she did spend a lot of time in prison.
25th Nov 2004, 19:04   comments (4)


19th Nov 2004, 14:01   comments (0)


Can you tell which way the wind was blowing?
19th Nov 2004, 14:00   comments (1)

Fuzzy pictures

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These were taken Saturday night. Alas, the future phone does not have a
flash so they are not the best. One is of a girl who took of her shoes and
got on a table at Niebo. She then pulled her jeans up over her kness and
then took off her socks. At this point she was making like she was going to
take of her shirt but her friends stopped her. What you can't see is that
she had a bunch of straws in her hair. In response, Andy put straws in
Christian's goatee.
15th Nov 2004, 13:09   comments (1)

Lest you think that was an isolated incident

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Notice there is no lovely lady forcing this on him in this one...

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9th Nov 2004, 23:32   comments (7)