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Student essentials

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This really is my shopping list, as stuck on my
wardrobe at the moment.
21st Jun 2004, 11:56   comments (9)

A bit hammered by now. Moved on to a bar. I don't really remember where.

1. Me and Alex
2. John, John the Mafia Don
3. A sign in the background. Execu...what, I wonder?
4. Those remaining few who were still yet to flake out.
5. Good Kentucky Redeye.
6&7. A tealight/goblet/coffee bean arrangement - subtly illuminatory.
8&9. Group shots.
21st Jun 2004, 02:24   comments (0)

So we thought we'd go for a curry to celebrate

21st Jun 2004, 02:06   comments (0)

Name that pub

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1. The tiny pub where we watched the game. Bonus points for anyone who can name the pub and tell me where it is.
2. England win 3-0 and everybody is jolly pleased.
21st Jun 2004, 01:58   comments (0)

Last Thursday, the day of the England v Switzerland game and also my last exam

1. Olly, John and Alex discuss the finer points of a Wetherspoons menu.
2. Law students... hmm, dodgy bunch the lot of 'em. Coming soon to a courtroom near you.
3. It was corporal Zeeshan's watch at lunch time.
4. Zak working his magic with the ladeez.
5-7. Beer makes friends

21st Jun 2004, 01:37   comments (0)

Offside trap

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One stays back until the very last minute.
It's going to move.
Watch it...
Any second n-o-w
21st Jun 2004, 01:29   comments (0)

Husband and wife

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In Browns at Islington Green for some fancypants drinks. I had a beer.
I thought this shot looked a bit like those old fashioned photographs you find on mantle pieces: it made me think about the marriage between these two objects (and apparently also become ridiculously pretentious).
21st Jun 2004, 01:26   comments (0)

Afternoon glasses

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10th Jun 2004, 23:32   comments (0)