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Joe punching a cat with a strange but smart white stripe

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No animals were harmed in the taking of this photo, not even Joe.
12th Jul 2010, 18:49   comments (11)

Corn marigold

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9th Jul 2010, 23:39   comments (1)


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9th Jul 2010, 23:26   comments (0)

Growed up

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9th Jul 2010, 23:24   comments (3)

Growing up

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They drink a lot.
28th Jun 2010, 21:16   comments (4)

Final EIFF film for us

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27th Jun 2010, 16:09   comments (3)

Edinbugh International Film Festival

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I sat next to the director of Au Revoir Taipei on the train home, but only mustered the necessary pluck to tell him I loved his film as I was getting off the train.

The film's beautiful. So colourful (literally) and lively with a very cute plotline (it didn't make me want to puke though and that happens to me quite easily with cutesy films). Of all the films I saw, I think this is the one I'd most likely buy on DVD. If I can get hold of it.

The director and the producer (she was on the train too) are both really nice too. So go see their film.

The Illusionist was visually stunning and I loved the portrayal of Edinburgh and the Highlands (I'm presuming they were the Highlands). But the storyline didn't really grab me, but I'm glad I saw it. It's no Belleville Rendezvous, but it was good to see Chomet's work again and I'm glad we queued for return tickets (we were one ticket off not getting in).

My son, my son, what have ye done? was very definitely a Herzog/Lynch film. Some superb performances, delightfully bizarre, excellent use of flamingoes.

Thid Star, yet another immmaculately shot film. Some great performances. And it made me cry, but more for people I know rather than for the characters themselves. This was a film that set out to open up a series of dialogues and it certainly did that. But once opened those dialogues were shut down just as quickly, which I found a little frustrating. I guess that would have made for a much denser film and it's probably better the way it is.

Mum and dad's living room

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...freshly plastered walls.
21st Jun 2010, 00:43   comments (4)