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I like sniffing felt tip pens and stroking puppies.

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Snowy Bench

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It fairly snowed here at the weekend - went and ran around in a park and the snow was over a foot deep in parts. So pretty though...
9th Feb 2009, 11:38   comments (2)

"Oh, Christmas tree...."

Some photos taken on the trusty old digi SLR. The manual settings made colours all warm, which is lovely, if I do say so myself.


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I'm suitably impressed with what the supermarkets are selling now.

This may be too big for the bag but it was one hell of a bargain...
22nd Dec 2008, 12:54   comments (0)

Ho ho ho

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I'm suitably set for a fabulous festive time - BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!!

(Apologies for the long hiatus - I had my phone nicked so sadly no photos to send. Even though I have other cameras. Shut up.)
21st Dec 2008, 22:00   | tags:comments (0)

Wine, anyone?

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The Friday night glass. Or two. And who deserves them? I do. Hurrah!
1st Nov 2008, 03:29   comments (0)

Hey Homies

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Hey homies. Just chillin'.
25th Oct 2008, 21:47   comments (2)

Trashy Blonde?

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Trashy Blonde you say? Who, me?! Well, if you insist.
18th Oct 2008, 20:03   comments (0)

Wispas are back!

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I'm loving that after a long and, in my opinion, pointless campaign, Wispas are back. Who needed reminding they were great?!
26th Sep 2008, 21:23   comments (0)