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27th Jan 2006, 14:12   comments (0)

Not the end of the night yet

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Ended up going out to a club with friends right next where we were
earlier doing hooka. Me watching local band and getting twisted on whit
russians. Forgive my spelling since I have been drinking.
14th Jan 2006, 07:19   comments (0)

Hooka time

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At a cafe near the flat.
14th Jan 2006, 00:48   comments (0)

My wallet

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Friend gave this to me a while back. I get some weird looks when I take it out to pay for things, because you know I am over the age of 12. My inner child likes it though.
29th Nov 2005, 17:38   comments (2)

Anansi Boys

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Just got done reading it. This spider is on the cover of the book.--jenw
27th Nov 2005, 06:18   comments (0)

In the spirit of things.

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Mine is the goofy one the scary one belongs to the husband. It was his
first stab at a pumpkin. Haha--jenw
27th Nov 2005, 06:18   comments (1)

New addition

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Found her on the side of the road near a busy highway. She looked so
dirty when I found her, complete with matted dreadlock fur. I was going
to just take her to the SPCA but that turned into a big hassle. After
washing, shaving, and having her over the weekend I caved and kept her.
She is a really really good dog. Does not piss in the house, bark, chew
on stuff she is not suppose to, does really well on a leash, and is not
really hyper. I also think it is funny that my cat is bigger than her.
They get along well too.
2nd Aug 2005, 16:46   comments (2)

Rockin' the mullet

(viewed 717 times)
Saw this yesterday while getting my morning cup of java.
2nd Aug 2005, 16:29   comments (0)