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The Kiss

(viewed 769 times)
Favorite painting.
27th Aug 2004, 15:13   comments (11)

bling bling

(viewed 881 times)
The only jewelry I wear. Both are silver. I usually only like silver.
26th Aug 2004, 13:34   comments (2)

I'd hit it

(viewed 2185 times)
*mind fills with dirty thoughts*
19th Aug 2004, 21:02   comments (3)

Formal work kicks

(viewed 687 times)
These are comfy too, but are a little more formal for work.
17th Aug 2004, 15:26   comments (2)

My work kicks

(viewed 679 times)
I like wearing these to work because they are comfy.
17th Aug 2004, 15:02   comments (7)

My day tomorrow

(viewed 698 times)
I have a lot of stuff to get done before my friend comes into town. I took tomorrow off to get it all done. One thing on the list I forgot to put on there is to buy food...because I don't have any.
12th Aug 2004, 21:07   comments (6)

Imitation is flattery

(viewed 804 times)
Following ToTheDogs and Warren's lead. Don't think it is as good as theirs but meh.
4th Aug 2004, 16:42   comments (6)

Where the magic does not happen

(viewed 881 times)
From this morning. New bed stuff was so comfortable, I was late for work because I did not want to get up.
2nd Aug 2004, 15:21   comments (2)